Kamigami no Asobi Episode 12 Review & Final Thoughts

Kamigami no Asobi Episode 12 (32)

Rating: 4.25/5 happy clouds Crop_45 CuriousClouds Transparent

Kamigami no Asobi Episode 12 (6)I have to say, for an otome anime with only twelve episodes to layout everyone’s routes and storylines, Kamigami was done exceedingly well. They pulled the most problematic aspects of Balder and Loki’s route and centered them as the main conflict as the climax event before the conclusion of the series.

Kamigami no Asobi Episode 12 (8)We pick up when Balder commits suicide so he doesn’t have to burden Loki and Thor anymore but just before he can kill himself, even as Loki and Thor dive in after him to retrieve him, Balder’s destructive side takes over and destructive light begins to spread on the garden. Zeus realizes this and begins to do damage control on his end to keep the garden realm intact while the other gods begin to fight to bring Balder back. That’s basically how the entire episode in a nutshell. We get a lot of wonderful bishonen godlike transformations into even more gorgeous character versions.

Kamigami no Asobi Episode 12 (15)Highlights of the episode are the sweet moments between Apollon and Yui when he reassures her that everything will be okay. All the battle shots we got at the beginning of the series, during the prologue of the story are finally revealed her. It was a little rushed and not entirely subtle how the rest of the magical shackles were taken off the remaining gods but it was imminent for the rest of the gods’ ultimate action battle to save Balder. Yui’s deal with her word necklace transforming into the sword wasn’t entirely explained but it contained the powers to bring Balder back to his senses, so to speak. The final episode had a really epic finale feel to it, like the world was going to end if the gods didn’t save Balder, and for all we know, it could really have ended because of Balder’s crazy destructive powers so the mood weighed pretty heavily on the characters and the viewers throughout the episode. I really thought the sword was going to transform Yui into a goddess or at least give her temporary powers to subdue Balder but the teamwork ending was nice too I guess.

I loved hearing the ending song play through the action bits. The animation was pretty amazing for an otome anime and I love how the aerial movements of the gods coordinated flawlessly with the magic flares and blasts. Apollon looks totally badass in godly archer mode. I loved Hades’ god transformation and Takeru and Tsukito’s intertwining powers but Dionysus’ wine uh magic was sort of awkward.

Thoughts on The Conclusion

Literally right after Balder is saved, the garden begins to disintegrate and although the god will survive the dimension transition, there’s no telling what will happen to Yui. The gods decide to use their powers and send Yui back to her world. Kamigami no Asobi Episode 12 (52)Yui is stunned at how quickly this is all happening. Though she doesn’t want to leave, the gods say their last words to her. I found these moments really quite touching and I almost teared up here. The feels really got me when Apollon tells her he loves her just before she disappears. When she returns, she’s back on the sidewalk walking home from school with her friends, the first day she found the sword and was transported into the garden. She blindly rushes to the shed to find the sword gone. She breaks down in tears, thinking she’ll never see the gods ever again and honestly for a moment I thought they were going to end the series LIKE THIS. FRIGGIN TRAGEDY. WAY TO SCARE US WITH THE CREDITS!!! We see Yui go on living out the next while in almost in a daze as she can’t completely settle into regular life. One day as she’s returning home, she hears familiar voices echo her names. As she rushes up the stairs, SHE SEES ALL THE GODS WAITING FOR HER AT THE TOP OF THE STAIRS. YAYYYYY HAPPY ENDING!!!! All the gods have returned to earth, dressed in casual wear. Shoutout to the writers for knowing the fangirl hearts so well and giving us a beautiful happy ending after all that crazy fast-paced action and emotional roller-coaster.


Kamigami no Asobi Episode 12 (42)Kamigami no Asobi turned out to be a fairly well-rounded anime for a story adapted from an otome visual novel with over ten different routes and endings. The pacing like in each otome anime series devoted one episode to each character with extra screen time for main/favourite guys versus the side characters. Everything was really nicely balanced and music was spot on. Elements Garden totally rocked the ending battle score music. The ending left me with a pretty happy impression of the series overall. Though we didn’t get to see any Yui X Anubis interaction, we did get to see Thoth do quite a few epic wall-slams and a wall-slam even saved Yui’s life in the last episode which was amusing to me. The humour was light and the romance both sweet and bittersweet.

I think this anime is really worth the watch to anyone interested in changing up their romance or otome taste with a bit of mythology. Although they barely made any mythological references and in some cases took complete poetic free reign with the gods and their back stories, the mythological motifs of the gods sets a very interesting dynamic for otome romance. The myth references, though often completely inaccurate, can be endearing when coupled with the personalities and unique quirks of each individual character. Whether it’s in legends, epic poetry or in this case, anime, it is always intriguing to see a new artistic representation and interpretation of the interactions between gods and humans.

– Cloudy

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One thought on “Kamigami no Asobi Episode 12 Review & Final Thoughts

  1. I totally agree about what you said about Kamigami no Asobi being a very well-executed reverse harem. I’ve read part of the game routes, and some of the changes they made adapted well into tue anime. The episodes were really sweet, Overall, I really enjoyed the series!And, oh yeah,I was trolled by the rolling of the credits too,lol.Yay for happy endings!

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