My Love From The Star Part 2/2 Review – Thoughts on the Ending (BEWARE OF SPOILERS)

Hey guys, what’s up? Today we’re looking at Part 2 of my review for My Love From The Star and today’s review is CHOCK FULL OF SPOILERS because there was a mixed reception about the ending to the series so today I’m throwing my two cents… or ten cents into the blogosphere. I’m going to touch on some of the big questions regarding the key turning points in the plot as well as talk about the ending and news of a potential sequel…

Did he have to leave?

YES FOR GODSSAKE THE MAN-ALIEN-CUTE BOY WAS GOING TO DIE. No matter how much he loved Song Yi and didn’t want to leave, he had to or he would have ended and all the fangirls would have ripped the show to shreds for killing the main character. The stickler for the show being a success or utter failure was how the writers would bring Min Joo back and eventually give the main characters a happy ending despite their race, planet and time differences (which is an understatement).

“I will watch this place where you live, every day. And I will try to come back every day. I will find a way to stay with you for a long time no matter what. I will do that…” – Do Min Joon


What’s with that plot hole? – What plot hole?

My Love From the Star (9)Some reviews I read thought they did a cop-out with Min Joo’s wormhole departure and his random reappearances at the end. Yes, almost 90% of all the science-fiction elements are not explained but that’s because most, and by most I mean a large portion of Korean-romance-drama viewers DON’T CARE about the science-fiction elements because they want their cheesy plot tropes and happily ever afters. So in the ending we see Min Joo mysteriously appear to Song Yi and Lawyer Jang, it’s even rumoured that Jae Kyung in prison was babbling like a madman about hallucinating Min Joo… It wasn’t a hallucination!!!! Min Joo does keep true to his promise by finding a way back to earth (even though it takes three years).

I didn’t think the ending could have ended any other way or wrapped up better than what was already handed to us. Yes it was not your usual happily ever after reconcile and presented to the viewers with a cheesy k-drama bow… this was actually one of the reasons I enjoyed the ending of the series. I don’t think it was a huge gaping universe shattering plot hole like some people have criticized it as. Min Joo coming back ends up as an unexplained phenomenon but FIRST OF ALL, Min Joo coming to earth original was an unexplained phenomenon. Aliens are an unexplained phenomenon! We don’t get any biological or cultural analyses into who or what Min Joo is other than the fact that his planet is very similar to earth but they don’t have things like familial ties, marriage, etc. and their species has superpowers whilst aging slowly.

My love from the star memeBecause there has been a suspension of beliefs for Min Joo’s existence throughout the show, I don’t think people should start complaining when the writers use that character point to their advantage to bring a happy ending into the story. Conversely, would you, a romance and drama series fan, like to sit through three to four episodes explaining the scientific principles of alien biology and astrological physics? The point of the show isn’t centered on the fact that an alien travelled through space and how many light years to get to earth. The basis of the plot construct was mainly to draw out the themes and notions of what it means to truly live and truly love even if it means it’ll hurt you in the long run or it doesn’t last. Can you love unconditionally and without fears or doubt when the person next to you can disappear so suddenly? Yes Min Joo disappears and reappears randomly throughout the years with Song Yi and Song Yi never knows when she’ll see him again, if ever; but for Min Joo, his lifespan is probably hundreds, perhaps even thousands of years longer than Song Yi’s which makes every moment between them so precious. The ending was not typical nor was it that happy but it wasn’t entirely tragic either. Instead, it would be better to say it was bittersweet and fitting and let’s face it, happy endings are overdone and overrated in dramas anyway (even though that’s like half the reason we watch these series).

Min Joo’s character is three-dimensional in that you see how human behaviour and earth begins to affect his outlook and dispositions in life. He started out as an isolated creature, never really caring for human connection or relationships. In the 400 years, he’s lived on earth, he’s only ever made one friend and Song Yi was his FIRST KISS. Over time he even starts to act emotionally rather than rationally. When you look back on the series as a whole, Min Joo ends up becoming the strongest character in the show.

“Do you know why life is interesting? It’s interesting because you don’t know what’s ahead of you.” – Se Mi’s Mother

After Happily-Ever-After…

If you guys are interested, there IS an extra one minute epilogue that takes place after the last episode which is a bit of a bonus for fans. We get to see Song Yi and Min Joo moving into a big house into the suburbs as planned and it seems like Min Joo’s existence/presence on earth is becoming more and more stable. The problems with Min Joo and Song Yi’s ages/life span differences aren’t dealt with nor do they address biological implications of procreating but again these things aren’t really important to the larger scale of themes in the love story. I mean seriously, the boy passes out with a fever every time he kisses Song Yi! (I’m guess aliens can’t swap bodily fluids with humans or they get deathly ill? Just my science-fiction guess because the first time Min Joo got sick was when a horrible co-worker spat in his coffee). We didn’t even get an explanation for the plant in Min Joo’s house that’s closely tied to the state of his life force…

My Love from the Star (15)

There has been some news circling on the cast returning for a sequel to the series… wait, what more is there to tell? The fact that my laptop literally crashed when I started searching for news of the sequel tells you what the universe I trying to say.

If the producers go for Min Joo’s “first love” in the sequel they’ll fail cause the girl in the Joseon Era flashback will grow up to look like Song Yi ANYWAY and Min Joo doesn’t and isn’t supposed to fall in love with anyone else during his time on earth. I really think the ending was really good to wrap up the series and I hope they leave it as such.

If you guys have made it to the end of my two-part review, you’re awesome!! I’ve totally exhausted my inner fangirl reviewer and now I leave you with my all-time favourite quote from the series, perhaps in any series. The concept behind the dialogue was just absolutely brilliant. Here I bow down to Park Ji-Eun’s genius writing. The scene takes place in the second last episode on the night before Min Joon is going to leave and he finally explains to Song Yi why he’s never told her the  big three word phrase…

“The greatest power I possess is stopping time. I stopped time countlessly during time you aren’t even aware of. And I’ve said this… I Love you Cheon Song Yi. Because if I told you while time was flowing by, I felt that everything would flow away and disappear. So, I told you while time was stopped. I love you Cheon Song Yi, I love You.” – Do Min Joon

I hope you guys enjoyed this full review. As always when I come across a really thought-provoking series I go into crazy reviewer mode which means super long critiques and write-ups but hopefully you found something useful and insightful about the series. I would love to hear your thoughts on the ending or the epilogue, potential sequels, what you thought of the cast, everything, if you feel so inclined to take the time to comment. Thank you all very much for reading and I will talk to you all soon!

– Cloudy

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