Black Bullet Episode 12 Review

Wait. Episode 12 isn’t the last episode. There are thirteen episodes… awks.

Black Bullet Episode 12 (9)

Rating: 3.5/5 curious clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

Black Bullet Episode 12 (3)Rentarou, Kagetane and Kohina travel together to find the Pleiades and take it down… They actually team up here which is an immensely strange mix up of friend and foe. The two wake the Pleiades with a punch each and protective bubble thing around the monster begins to deflate… Kohina actually saves Rentarou’s life here and I don’t know how I feel about Rentarou teaming up with the bad guys (even though they’re not the baddest of baddies).

Black Bullet Episode 12 (5)Rentarou rushes back to a cliff to see how the battle is going with the civil agents and others. Rentarou calls Seitenshi to let her know the Pleiades is dead and she can use missiles and bomber jets. Okay, so for all the big talk about the Pleiades, it went down pretty easily right? The Aldebaren appears next in all its ugly gastrea awkward animation CG glory. Rentarou remembers that someone told him the Aldebaren is actually immortal… well, this should prove interesting. Rentarou reunites with his buddies. One commander’s convenient plot death in battle has left Rentarou the leader of his team again… well the exile thing with Rentarou certainly didn’t take long. Kagetane and Kohina appear in the camp again. Now that Rentarou is the highest ranking officer here, Rentarou has the ability to keep the pair in the camp.

Gosh, everything that’s happened so far has conveniently saved his ass again and again and his hero status in the plot paved a pretty failsafe way for him to a position of power. I honestly don’t think this kid worked for much…

After Rentarou has a long talk with Midori, she runs off and disappears. Later when everyone is looking for her, she’s found to have committed suicide in the forest because she didn’t want anyone to burden anyone in the adjuvant. Many of these Initiator girls would rather die a human than be slain as a gastrea after having harmed a bunch of people. Shoma implores Rentarou to destroy the Aldebaren… even though I don’t know why Shoma thinks Rentarou is the only who can do it. All the other civil officers are pretty wimpy. They actually want to run away from the battle. WHAT KIND OF MILITARY TRAINING DID THEY GO THROUGH?!? Luckily Rentarou has taken to ruling by force and fear which is a lot more effective in these times than pure reason… especially when it comes to stupid supporting lackeys.

Black Bullet Episode 12 (36)The rundown on the Aldebaren plan is to basically blast a hole in its shell and throw a bomb to detonate the gastrea from the INSIDE. Of the entire episode, Enju has the best dialogue when they end up camp at the Flames of Revolution in preparation of the plan. We find Enju standing under the large statue, reminiscing the last time she visited the monument with all the other cursed children, now deceased. She wonders why the Stolen Generation, this generation, is so horrible to the cursed children.

Rentarou notices that his team has adjuvant has been made perfect with the addition of Kagetane and Kohna… and what a perfect last pair it is. Black Bullet Episode 12 (41)WOWW just before the end of the episode, we see Seitenshi’s creepy old commander dumping the batteries into the sea so that Rentarou will fail. DUDE THIS IS SO NOT THE TIME FOR REVENGE. WHAT THE HELL?!? THE ENTIRE HUMAN RACE IS ON THE LINE. PETYY MUCH?? Seriously if it’s going to be another human that ruins the plan, I am going to go personally beat the crap out of that loser.

Black Bullet tried really hard to show the social dichotomy between the cursed children and the Stolen Generation and how these discrepancies make for a really corrupt government system. However it is heavily flawed in the lack of character development throughout the series. We don’t get a direct explanation of Rentarou’s back story flashback that we saw from the beginning and the audience is required to piece together what little dialogue information provided, in order to figure out just who and WHAT Rentarou is. Enju gets her back story but skimmed lightly. I would have liked to see an episode devoted to her time living in the outer district and the hardships she faced. They could have used Enju’s character to provide a window into the cursed children situation in society. Instead we got a lot of clichéd rioting from ignorant masses of people in general which ended up portraying the Stolen Generation as a really shallow abstract concept rather than an actual group of people with any substance.

Black Bullet Episode 12 (26)Rentarou gets too much screen time but he doesn’t do much. We got to see the other supporting characters appear in the title sequence for 80% of the show before they finally assembled in Rentarou’s adjuvant. I would have liked to see more time devoted to each of the pairs. For now all we can really do is wait for next week’s episode to see how things will wrap up because I don’t see a lot of damage control happening for the plot holes thus far. I’m curious to see how the final battle will go. Whether they win or lose really depends on how well they can think up a solution to spot the Pleiades especially when the lights won’t turn off cause the batteries won’t arrive.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments and stay tuned for my final episode recap, review and series overview next week!

– Cloudy

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