Bakumatsu Rock Episode 1 Impressions

Bakumatsu Rock Episode 1 (3)

We start with an optimistic and hotheaded main character named Ryouma Sakamoto (Kishou Taniyama) who is striving to become a famous musician. In this world, government warriors, politicians, great men, are all musicians who garner power and influence through their musical talent. Suck to be you if you’re tone deaf.

Rating: 3/5 curious clouds Crop_3 CloudsExcited Transparent

Bakumatsu Rock Episode 1 (6)In Edo, guitars are currently being confiscated by the government, it’s strange to see Ryouma holding one. His guitar was given to him by an old sensei in Tosa however. So in this world, unless you have permission from the government, you’re not allowed to make music or sing. The world is a bit difficult to wrap your head around because everything revolves around the importance of music but I think with two or three more episodes, we’ll all get use to the structure of this music world. Although they obviously have the technology for the instruments, I’m surprised they don’t have the technology to improve the day to day architecture or essential appliances.

Bakumatsu Rock Episode 1 (15)Ryouma decides to audition to be a Heaven’s Song singers but you can’t even audition without being invited. He ends up kicked out the door and his next step is to get an invitation to sing. This is one weird anime setup and I’m not sure if the regular day-to-day scenes are filler or actually part of the story. Everyone is pretty curious as to how Ryouma has a guitar. It gets weirder when we actually get a flashback of the afro-disco-sensei that give Ryouma his guitar. Watch the creepy afro guy turn out to be some rock music legend… even though Ryouma doesn’t know what “rock” music is. Literally the entire first episode revolves around this kid and his guitar and people trying to confiscate it because the government is trying to control the people with concerts using “Heaven’s Song” (whatever that is).

There are many magical sparklies of light that appear when the characters play music. It amuses me. I swear this show was written by Shining Saotome (utapri reference LOL) AND THEN THEIR SHIRTS COME OFF. WOW. OKAY. The singing has triggered the “Peace Souls” again, whatever that is. So I’m guessing this is a battle of… song genres? At the end of the episode, Ryouma ends up forming a group with SHinsaku Takasugi (voiced by Tatsuhia Suzuki) and Kogorou Katsura (voiced by Showtaro Morikubo) and could there BE more abs in the credits? LOL

I might or might not cut Bakumatsu rock from my watch list but episode 1 is too soon to say. I’m waiting for the world to make sense in the next episode.

– Cloudy

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