Free! Eternal Summer Season 2 Episode 1 Impressions

Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent

I am absolutely ecstatic that Free has returned for a season 2. More Zakki, Tattsun, Hirarin, Mamo-chan and Tsubasa ^_^/

Free Eternal Summer Episode 1 (11)The opening really impressed me because of all the different routes they could have done to introduce season 2, I love that they went ahead and paralleled it to season 1’s intros with Makoto looking for Haruka before school and Haru-chan hiding in the tub, Mako-chan sneaking into the house and Haru grilling mackerel instead of getting changed for school.

The gang meets up at Samezuka Academy’s pool where the other characters – Rin, Nitori and Mikoshiba are having morning practice. LOVE SEEING HARU STRIP. AGAIN. IT NEVER GETS OLD. SERIOUSLY. I really hope Mikoshiba still gets tons of screen time because he’s a really spunky and fun character on screen. We get to see each of the characters swim and more lovely KyotoAni animation. LOVE hearing Nagisa call Nitori, Ai-chan. SO CUTE.

Mikoshiba names Rin the new captain of the swim club because he’s graduating. On the Iwatobi swim club end of things, the members are once again coming up with marketing tactics to gather more members into the swim club. BEST MARKETING TACTIC EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUSCLE-MARKETING!!!!! WHOOOO. I LAUGHED AND FANGIRLED SO MUCH AT THIS POINT. IT WAS GREAT!!!!

Coach Sasabe reopens the Iwatobi swimming club. More Haru stripping and diving into the water.

Favourite moment was probably seeing Rin and Haru go head to head in the episode. It’s great that the writers made them TIE because they’re really more interested in swimming together versus beating each other’s times. I also really enjoyed seeing Rin act like a regular guy, rather than an angst-ridden teenager. Sweetest high five ever. I also really loved it when the Iwatobi swim club kidnaps Rin to show him a cherry-blossom pool because it was always his childhood dream to swim in one… as the other members urge Rin to take the dive, it starts to rain. Rin brings up the issue of future plans after graduation (hinting at a plot conflict). Although Rin is planning on swimming on a world championship stage, Haru and Mako haven’t given it much thought.

Next morning, a new transfer student arrives at Samezuka – SOUSUKE!!!! WHOOOOO I love the colour of Sousuke’s eyes. Don’t lie. That look he gave to Rin and the camera and fangirls before the episode end was totally heart-stopping. LOVED IT! I LOVED THE FIRST EPISODE OF FREE. I loved seeing my favourite characters brought back, I loved hearing my favourite voice actors once again. Can’t wait for more exciting things from the show and what a great way to kick off the first day of the summer season!

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– Cloudy

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3 thoughts on “Free! Eternal Summer Season 2 Episode 1 Impressions

  1. I know I fangirled too with Sosuke’s look toward the end of the episode. Just saw Free! Eternal Summer Episode 1 today and sadly will be behind one episode compared to Elite members for FUNimation’s streaming of Free! Eternal Summer. I must save my money right now, so free subscription for me. Thanks for covering and I’ll certainly cjeck out your Youtube coverage as well.

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