Glasslip Episode 1 First Impressions

Glasslip Episode 1 (7)

Rating: 3/5 curious clouds Crop_3 CloudsExcited Transparent

I can’t really say that the first episode of Glasslip offered any insight as to what the main plot will focus on. Rather, we were introduced to the setting, the characters and largely the style of cinematography from which the story will be presented. We get each of the characters’ names in-between the opening scenes of the first two minutes or so. Artistically shaded stills present us with various snippets of the characters to showcase their emotions and where exactly they are situated at the start of the series.

Immediately after the fireworks prologue, we get a really bright and upbeat opening song to officially herald the start of the series before we flash back to the festival night. That night, our main brooding protagonist, Kakeru Okikura has just arrived in town, four of the other main characters are enjoying the festivities while the fifth is at home (for some reason). A lot of blurred and slow-motion animation tells us some strange connection has taken place between Kakeru and the main female protagonist Touko Fukami… this “encounter” of sorts ends up being mentioned once or twice throughout the first episode as a way of structuring it at the beginning, middle and end.

Glasslip Episode 1 (31)The first episode hits off with a lot of beautiful animation making the most mundane everyday events seem overly lively. We get a few glimpses of Touoko working with a glass artisan (but that’s basically it) and anything “glass” related isn’t brought up again. Rather, we get a lot of character-character interactions such as the love-hate friendship between Yanagi Takayama and Yukinari Imi as well as the one-sided crush that Hiro Shirosaki has on Sachi Nagamiya.

Kakeru ends up being that mysterious transfer student character who’s brooding vague remarks tick off the main female protagonist even though his looks are totally attractive to her. Gosh clichés are fun =.=

Glasslip Episode 1 (24)Because of the somewhat thought-provoking conversation Touko has with Kakeru, Touko ends up taking in a bunch of chickens to shelter and protect them from the “wild.” Yeah, I get the sense that Touko isn’t very bright. Rather, she’s got a bit of a one-track mind and a bit naïve to worldly matters. The end of episode 1 officially inserts our mysterious transfer student into the group of friends. Everyone seems pretty adverse to this newcomer… I sense a lot of unrequited love in this friendship group dynamic – love triangles, love squares, love… hexagons?

Glasslip Episode 1 (33)Well, I have to say the first episode of glasslip was not what I was expecting at all. Although I love the breezy and light atmosphere set by the opening song, I really do not like the ending song. Kimiko’s voice just didn’t do it for me in this song. I think a big reason why I’ll stick with the series for a while is because the animation is so STUNNING and from what I’ve heard from friends who are also watching Glasslip who have seen other stuff by P.A. Works, this is gonna hurt a whole lot like Nagi no Asakura.

No worries though, there will be at least three episodes of impressions before I follow or drop this anime so tune in next week for more ^_^/

– Cloudy

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