Tokyo Ghoul Episode 1 Review

Tokyo Ghoul

With his eyepatch, Ken kind of looks like Misaki from Another LOL

Rating: 4/5 curious clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Tokyo Ghouls is an anime pilot I picked up in between the shojo happy summer series I’ve been anticipating. The story takes place in a modern dark supernatural setting where humans live in the fear of ghouls who pretty on humans. Since the ghouls have the ability to disguise themselves, there’s no way of knowing which humans are humans and which humans are disguised ghouls. This is where the premise for the main character is set up. A boy named Ken Kaneki ends up going on a date with a beautiful older woman named Rize who ends up being the binge-eating ghoul of Tokyo who’s been excessively murdering humans.

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 1 (5)Kaneki ends up being bitten by Rize in the ordeal when she attempts to eat him and after a sketchy sort of operation in which it’s hinted that he gets ghoul organs transferred into him so he’ll survive, he ends up becoming a sort of half ghoul. Regular food turns him off and he becomes pretty physically messed up. He’s actually lured out of his house by the scent of a rotting corpse that another ghoul is devouring. After almost being killed by another ghoul claiming the territory, he’s saved by a powerful ghoul named Touka Kirishima who is also incidentally the cute waitress girl at the local café.

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 1 (2)The last scens of the episode give us really great insight into the ghoul world. They’re not just monsters but sentient beings with a sort of organizational system amongst themselves. Touka seems to be a part of the Anteiku group which is in charge of organization all feeding areas and so forth.

I really enjoyed the animation of Tokyo Ghoul despite how dark and bloody it got. The combat between ghouls seems pretty interesting and Touka definitely has some back story to her. Kaneki on the other hand is struggling with the “to eat or not to eat – human or ghoul” dilemma. Initially I thought he was going to be crazy and struggle with his sustenance for at least a few episodes but Touka forces him to eat in the end. I really hope Kaneki doesn’t go through the clichéd indecisive identity issues of ghoul vs. human and I wonder what special powers he has as a halfing. This will probably be a very interesting series for fans of horror, mystery and supernatural genres. I think I’ll give it one or two more episodes but this dark mystery stuff isn’t really for me. You should also keep in mind that the series is rated R which should tell you a bit about the content in the story. All in all though, a very strong opening episode to a suspense-driven series.

– Cloudy

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3 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul Episode 1 Review

  1. I have to agree with how fantastic the animation was done. I know this is the same animation studio behind the long-running anime series Bleach but it was way more impressive in animation here with Tokyo Ghoul.

    It got very bloody but since I am a huge fan of anime series like Psycho-Pass this is definitely a series for me.

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