Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal First Impressions

Bishoujo Tenshi Sailor Moon Episode 1 (22)

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Bishoujo Tenshi Sailor Moon Episode 1 (8)WOW. I have to say it feels really nostalgic to see Sailor Moon on the screen again after so so so many years of not watching. I mean, I watched it as a kid but it was all dubbed but now I’m seeing it with new voice actresses, new animation, new songs and a TOTALLY new feeling to it all. It’s a bit strange to see the old style shojo art done by smooth and fancy modern animation. We start off with a beautiful prologue of the Moon Princess and her lover… and then bounce down to earth for the usual intro. As always, Usagi is as clumsy as ever when the episode starts… her voice kind of annoy me to be honest but in between the introductions of the main heroine, a character named “Sailor V” is revealed to be a superhero in pop culture (ironic reference, no?)

The opening song was really fun. Although I miss the classic old song and part of me wishes they remixed or resang the original song, the new one really reflects the magic girl upbeat pop music that we’ve gotten in recent magic girl anime.

Usagi is supposed to be FOURTEEN but she totally doesn’t look it. It all feels so wonderfully bittersweet to see all the characters modernized and re-animated. Even the background art, architecture and landscape looks amazing. The first evil-doer of the series starts with Naru’s mother. Naru is Usagi’s best friend… which will make things pretty interesting… As Usagi is leaving the store, she crumples her 30% test and chucks it behind her… right into a cute guy’s face. SPARKLIES. ROMANTIC MEETING. Damn. Tuxedo Max looks WAY too bishounen even by my standards. Omg. All the guys literally look like girls. This is so weird.

After the massive jewelry sales, each girl who’s gotten a bauble has their energy sucked out of them via accessory. That night, Luna approaches Usagi. The cat talks, gives Usagi the locket that allows her to transform and explains the sailor mission and chaos that’s happening. CUE. THE. MAGICAL GIRL TRANSFORMATION. Again, all the new anw modern animation really shines here. I don’t know how I feel about the transformation scene being done in a three-dimensional model kind of style (similar to in Love Live), I really wish they kept with the amazing sparklies in the original. AND OHMIGOODNESS the barettes in Usagi’s hair BLINKS like an alarm when evil is near. (I bet that girl could be her own emergency flashlight).

Usagi makes her classic sailor moon speech and the epic magic girl battle begins. Gosh did that always sound that cheesy? I remember it being SO much cooler when I was a kid. Damn. Sailor Moon ends up CRYING in her first battle before Luna teaches her how to use her “Moon Tiara Boomerang” OMG GOOSEBUMPS. THAT WAS TOO CHEESY. And the battle ended… really easily. *facepalm*

Bishoujo Tenshi Sailor Moon Episode 1 (40)The episode ends with a few glimpses of the antagonist. Baddies are searching for the “Legendary Moon Crystal” (which I’m sure will be explained soon) but at least the show already has an end goal in mind. Seriously, it is not that hard to recognize Sailor Moon from Usagi… THERE’S NOT EVEN A MASK. But I guess it’s a magic girl anime so I’ll try not to worry about it. There’s also a shot hinting at Sailor Mercury for the next episode. I can’t wait till all the Sailor Scouts are reassembled and the team is complete.

I’m pretty much expecting the classic flow of a magic girl story structure for the anime and I don’t expect them to have THAT many surprises. Hopefully none of the twists don’t get out of hands if they’re inserted near the end of the series. It’s too soon yet to wonder about the story as a whole but for now we can expect the series to settle in its consistent rhythm for at least three episodes before any new developments arise.

Bishoujo Tenshi Sailor Moon Episode 1 (41)

– Cloudy

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2 thoughts on “Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal First Impressions

  1. The first episode of original series and this first episode are basically the same (well, same source material, the manga). Usagi too cried and run from enemy at the first battle at original series. Take note that Usagi’s voice at this new series is the same original voice (not dubbed) from the original series.

    The difference is that this series will be closer to manga, so there are less fillers and next episode appear Sailor Mercury.

  2. Hi Cloudy..
    I’m the person who very excited about this new sailormoon 2014.
    after 20 year, now sailormoon come with new graphic animation. very good.
    It’s feels like I’m a little girl at elementary school. Yes, this sailormoon serial TV was booming in indonesia about 1996-1998.

    Although it never show in indonesia, but now I can watch it online.

    Can’t wait for episode 5.

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