Shounen Hollywood Stage49 Episode 1 Impressions

Shounen Hollywood Stage49 Episode 1 (2)

I LOVEEEE THE OPENING SONG! So upbeat, catchy and you can never go wrong with having the entire cast open the show. It’s the sort of song I would listen early in the morning on my way to class or on a light jog ^_^* Now here is our lovely group of seiyuus…

Shounen Hollywood Stage49 Episode 1 (1)Kakeru Kazami (Ryota Ohsaka)

Shun Maiyama (Kensho Ono)

Kira Sakeki (Daiki Yamashita)

Daiki Tomii (Shouta Aoi)

Ikuma Amaki (Tetsuya Kakihara)

Rating: 3/5 happy clouds Crop_3 Clouds Transparent

Shounen Hollywood Stage49 Episode 1 (4)The episode opens with a few words from Kakeru to set up, right on the get-go, the slice of life personal atmosphere of the plot. When Kakeru gets to the theatre, he bumps into Daiki who’s yet again re-watching clips of Shounen Hollywood, a really popular boy band from a few years back. Though they’re presently broken up, they still remain an admirable group that aspiring idols strive towards. The first third of the series reminds me of Love Live… but with bishounen-ish guys instead of cute girls but here, the guys are already been scouted.

Shounen Hollywood Stage49 Episode 1 (13)We get a brief flashback of the President randomly talking to Kakeru and asking him if he wants to be an idol LOL out of nowhere. I guess the story’s going to be told from Kakeru’s point of view. Flash back to present time where the President’s given catchphrases for the boys to practice in rehearsal. HAHAHA It’s so cute to watch them awkwardly rehearse them XD I love how adorable Shun sounds. Ikuma ends up being super blunt– “YOROSHIKU DESU!” LIKE DAYUM. SO DIRECT. Kira and Daiki seems to be the most relaxed in the group to sparkly like the shouta he is. Kakeru’s last to introduce himself… TOTALLY OVERDOES IT but surprisingly the President seems satisfied. He ends up announcing the boys will become the newly reformed and revamped Shounen Hollywood. I didn’t think the President would end up having such a huge role in setting up the premise of the plot and the slice of life feels into the story but he ends up making a pretty intense (and in my opinion, unnecessary) speech to the boys.

Shounen Hollywood Stage49 Episode 1 (18)Judging from the first episode, you’re really just watching the show for the voice actors behind the characters. There doesn’t seem to be THAT much of an intense plot thus far so it will become intensely character-driven. Many of the fans will flock to the show because of the cast. The scenes and dialogue seems pretty slow-paced but the show will definitely liven up if we actually get to see the boys perform and sing real songs. I enjoyed the montage towards the end of the episode to showcase some of the boys’ backgrounds. The show overall has a more mature and soothing feeling to it versus the peppy and persistent driving rhythm of girls’ idol shows. Because the show is set up with a really down-to-earth setting, the story will truly shine when they draw out those feels in the dramatic life moments of the story. (Well hopefully there will be some intense moments and it’s not all fluff).

Looking forward to more of Shounen Hollywood Stage49!! How ‘bout you guys?

– Cloudy

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2 thoughts on “Shounen Hollywood Stage49 Episode 1 Impressions

  1. Some of the shows I watch is because of your reviews :). I don’t really watch idol shows but maybe I’ll give this a try. Aside from the sports anime I’m watching and Sailor Moon I need something a little different. Lol

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