Dramatical Murder Episode 1 Impressions

I am ECSTATIC to see Dramatical Murder adapted into an anime series. The anime starts off exactly like the game where Aoba is working at the usual junk shop and ends up heading out for a delivery. As he makes his way around the city, we are introduced to a bit of the world, the gans and some of the love interests. The animation really lives up to the aesthetic of the game so I’m totally satisfied with the visual aspect. However, I wish the opening song had some solid lyrics and melody rather than being a techno sort of synth song.

Rating: 3.5/5 happily excited clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

DRAMAtical Murder Episode 1 (10)In this world, a cyber-combat game named Rhyme is immensely popular between gangs. It’s how the members brawl and clash between each other. However, there’s been a bit of tension with Rhyme lately because one of the gangs – Ribsietz, disappeared recently. One of the members of the Dry Juice gang warns Aoba to be wary… Since Dramatical murder is a boys love mystery science-fic-tech kind of series, a suspicious atmosphere quickly descends around the hero – especially when Aoba’s headaches start up.

Aoba not only meets Koujaku (one of the love interests), but also the twins who say they’re not twins, Trip and Virus (LOL) Lots of the prologue introductory stuff at the beginning of the game takes place in the first episode just to ease the new viewers and fans into the world. Aoba bumps into Mink while he’s running from the gang ruckus. Granny returns as SASSY as ever hahahaha. She’s like the best character. We even get a glimpse of Clear (<3) even though he doesn’t actually meet Aoba in the episode. Like the visual novel, Aoba gets a weird email and game quest message from an anonymous sender. Lots of plot stuff being set up.

OH and did I mention that REN IS LOOKING AS CUTE AND ADORABLE AS EVER!!??!!!

DRAMAtical Murder Episode 1 (11)Seriously if I ever get an allmate, it will be a dark blue, fluffy, puppy.

Towards the end of the episode they throw in the part in the game where Aoba and Ren are thrown into the Rhyme world against their will and forced into combat against the angry army of green cyber bunnies (it looks more badass and exciting than it sounds). AHH THEY CHANGE IT UP A BIT and Aoba (well you think it’s Aoba right now), he figures out how to battle and beat the Rhyme opponent. (Aoba’s gonna wake up without remembering any of it which will add to the mystery of his back story and it’ll tie in with the headaches Aoba gets).

I’ll try really hard not to spoil anything from the games because this is one of the games I actually played through. It is a little difficult to piece all the clues together until the end in the game. I’m curious as to which way they’ll take the plot right now since episode 1 was super generic. Excited for more to come with DMMD 😀

DRAMAtical Murder Episode 1 (31)


– Cloudy

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