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Cloudy Commentary:

Hello everyone, today I wanted to share with you all a new and really fun tag that I made up last week. It was inspired by the crazy fangirling that’s sweeping the anime world because of all the shojo anime that’s airing this summer season. I also wanted to do some sort of special video because I have recently hit 400 subscribers on my channel! I am so grateful to each and every one of you for watching my videos and supporting me via your comments, tweets, and views. Today’s Anime Fangirl Tag was based on the first fangirl tag for North American and mainstream pop culture over here. I was inspired by the idea and all the fun friendship spunk that comes from all of the best friend tags on Youtube and designed a one specifically for all the girls and guys who love to fangirl/fanboy over anime, manga, games and the like.

I love ranting to you guys on video but I really do think that it’s more fun to vlog with a friend… especially when the video requires fangirling feels and squeals. A special shoutout goes out to my wonderful friend Haley who jumped out of her usual comfort zone to come on camera with me. (To Haley- my viewers finally get to see who you are!) Filming wouldn’t have been as fun if you weren’t there and I couldn’t stop laughing at our bloopers when I was editing. Thank you so much!!

I really hope you guys do this tag in a tumblr post or a video response. I’m throwing this out there to tag the entire fangirl community. Tweet me or leave a comment to your answers and I will definitely come watch or read them. I do apologize for the video running quite long because we fangirls can be a wee bit longwinded when we get into our fandoms 😉 Feel free to skip around the video as much as you need for your favourite questions.

The Anime Fangirl Tag turned out to be one of my favourite creations on my channel thus far. It’s my sincere wish that our bubbly feelings and all our enthusiasm reaches you guys, made you crack a smile or even laugh a bit =)

Bonus Commentary From my Special Guest:

I had a lot of fun shooting with Cloudy today!! I thought it would have been a pretty quick shoot, but before I knew it, we had already been talking for more than 30 minutes! I wonder if we even answered some of the questions properly XD. I’ve been watching anime for many years now, but only recently am I talking to others about it more. It really is a lot more fun when you talk and fangirl with others about the things you like! Thank you guys for taking time to watch us do this tag video. Hopefully it was slightly amusing and maybe even a little interesting to watch. I’m usually not the type of person to do this kind of thing, so I’m sorry for my awkwardness but I’m very glad I did it! (Haley)

Part 1 – Intros & Fave Fandoms

1)      The first fandom you ever got into

2)      List your top fandoms

Part 2 –Character Crushes, Nonstop fangirling and OTPs

3)      Your first crush as a fangirl

4)      Character(s) you will never stop fangirling over?

5)      What are your top OTPs and do you often ship characters?

6)      If you had to ship yourself with a favourite character, what would your ship name be?

Part 3 – Doujinshi, Seiyuu Otaku and Otome Fandom

7)      Do you read or write fanfiction or doujinshi?

8)      Do you buy merchandise from your fandom, if so, what?

9)      Favourite seiyuu(s) or voice actor?

10)   What would you do if you met that seiyuu or voice actor?

11)   Are you open about being a fangirl?

12)   How intensely do you defend your fandoms and what would you do if your fangirl friends were being picked on?

Part 4 – Fangirl Friend or Foe?

13)   How intensely do you defend your fandoms and what would you do if your fangirl friends were being picked on?

14)   On a scale of 1 to professional fangirl, what are you?

15)   Your experience with meeting other fangirls

16)   Favourite and least favourite part of being a fangirl?


– Cloudy

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