Free! Eternal Summer Episode 2 Review


I fangirled a lot in my video impressions so I’m going to try and be a bit more analytical in my review here… if I can. Because I rewatched some parts of episode 2 so I picked up a few little plot hints.

Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Free Eternal Summer Episode 2 (15)We basically find out that Sousuke and RIn use to be best friends in middle school and Sousuke’s back in Iwatobi, his hometown, to finish his last year of high school. Sousuke’s also been SCOUTED already. He’s an amazing swimmer, super competitive, really disciplined, really driven and he holds one of the top 10 butterfly records in the country. While things in Samezuka are heating up with new members while Iwatobi Swim Club is struggling to get new members in the new year.

We’ve got a lot of sideplot conflict going on with Haru, Makoto and what they want to do after they graduate. Haru chose option C- OTHER. And then he wrote FREE in the option box. Dammit Haru you have to be more specific!! LOL It’s so typically Haru

Free Eternal Summer Episode 2 (19)Because Sousuke’s specialty is butterfly we got to see him swim his best at Samezuke. There is a part in the episode where we see Sousuke rolling one shoulder and gripping it. An old injury perhaps? That will definitely be part of the later conflict. When RIn watches Sousuke swim, he basically breaks down Sousuke’s style to Nitori. Sousuke’s naturally born flexible shoulders gives him an extra advantage in his butterfly.

Free Eternal Summer Episode 2 (29)What brings Iwatobi and Samezuka together in this episode is the Splash Fest, an event to garner new members to officially open the Iwatobi Swim Club to the community. Although the Splash Fest is for fun, we do get to see Sousuke and Haru swim head to head in the freestyle race. We are reintroduced to the character who will replace Seijurou Mikoshiba… his younger brother Momotaru Mikoshiba who is almost EXACTLY like his brother hahaha. Initiailly Momotaro has no intention of joining the swim club cause he says APPARENTLY GIRLS DON’T LIKE GUYS WHO SWIM even though that’s so not true LOL I love seeing Rin facepalm when he notices it’s not only Seijurou who liked Gou but now Momotaro hahaha The final samezuka relay for Splash Fest is Rin, Sousuke, Nitori and Momotaro.

I am really obsessed with Sousuke right now because he’s voiced by the same seiyuu as Yuusuke Asahina from Brothers Conflict who I just fell in love with. Sousuke confronts Haru during Splash Fest and tells Haru to back off from Rin. DAMN that Sousuke is protective over his friends and it’s pretty hot.

Whereas Haru seems a bit out of breath in his race, Sousuke is so steady and calm on the inside. It’s really only because Haru got a head start thanks to his other members that Sousuke lost, and he really lost by only a bit. I also love how Sousuke isn’t a sore loser about losing and he quickly bounces back. The relay race at the end was basically a sample tease of the competitiveness between the two groups of characters which makes me super pumped and excited for the upcoming episodes. I wonder how and when and if Rin will find out his two best friends are RIVALS.

More from me next week!

– Cloudy

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