Glasslip Episode 2 Review (let the unrequited love and suffering begin)

Glasslip Episode 2 (13)

Rating: 3/5 curious clouds Crop_3 CloudsExcited Transparent

Glasslip Episode 2 (2)Wow, Glasslip is getting dramatic and intense pretty quickly. After that curt exchange at the café, Touko agrees to meet up with Kakeru. Sachi tags along just to make sure Touko’s safe and we get quite a few hints of Sachi’s personality. Before she leaves Touko and Kakeru to converse, she tells Kakeru that their group doesn’t allow in-between dating.

Kakeru tells Touko that she has the power to hear voices and see glimpses of the future and when Kakeru is next to Touko, he can see some of what she can see as well. Touko only has to concentrate on shiny things – mainly glass, to use her gift. (Well that all got weird and magical really quickly) – but this all gets shelved aside for the romance drama side plot.

Yanagi wants to confess to Yukinari but she’s afraid he doesn’t reciprocate her feelings. Although Yanagi confides in Touko her insecure feelings, Touko is pretty naïve and simply encourages Yanagi to confess as such – despite the fact that Yanagi might have to leave the group after the friendship is made awkward. So basically Hiro has a crush on Sachi but Sachi doesn’t want any dating in the group. Touko revokes the rule… and the drama will begin soon. It’s almost already blatantly obvious that Yanagi liks Yukinari but Yukinari likes Touko. When Yanagi finds out the group rule change from Hiro, she dashes out of the café to find Yukinari for fear of him confessing to Touko. Yukinari DOES confessing Touko and Yanagi is watching the entire things. OHMIGOD. PAIN IN EPISODE 2 ALREADY.

Touko attempts to use her gift to sort out the romance stuff I guess… WHICH OBVIOUSLY WON’T END WELL. In my opinion, I really think they rushed into all of this WAY too soon. Glasslip Episode 2 (3)At least let the four way triangle simmer a bit before anyone thinks of confessing. Will the group dynamic change? Will Hiro confess to Sachi soon? Will Yanagi confess to Yukinari any time soon? I felt revealing Touko’s psychic side alongside the romance side wasn’t entirely executed well. Perhaps they should have devoted one episode strictly to seeing the future with glass getting acquainted with her abilities while setting up another episode for the relationship stuff while Touko’s beginning to explore the extent of her abilities. As well, I’m waiting to see Touko spend more time with Kakeru because if anything, this second episode has alienated Touko a bit from her main group because of Yukinari and Yanagi’s complicated feelings.

I finished Nagi no Asukara last week because I wanted to familiarize myself with P.A. Works drama before I got into Glasslip and right now Glasslip is not living up to the monumental feels and amazingness I saw in Nagi no Asukara. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see where the writers are going with the characters in Glasslip. It seems like they’ll need to really work hard to strike a balance between the six.

– Cloudy

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