Love Stage Episode 1 Impressions

Love Live Episode 1 (3) Love Live Episode 1 (4) Love Live Episode 1 (5)

Rating: 3.5/5 happy clouds Crop_3 Clouds Transparent

Due to very popular request we are looking at my first impressions of Love Stage today ^_^Love Live Episode 1 (1)

Love Stage begins with a boy named Izumi Sena who lives in a family of fantastically talented people… unfortunately he, is not. His mother is a model and major film actress, his father is a stager singer turned talent agency president. His brother Shuugo is a rock band star. His grandparents were actors and dancers. Izumi is… not faring very well with the pressure from his family. He himself wants to become a manga artist. His parents are naturally worried their son is becoming an otaku (if not one already).

Back to when the family starred in a wedding commercial ten years ago… that company wants a new remake of the commercial to commemorate the tenth anniversary where the two KIDS in that wedding are not grown up and married… The business demands the same cast which means Izumi needs to dress up as a GIRL again hahaha. Turns out the little boy in that commercial was Ryouma Ichijou… and so our two heroes will meet soon.

The family thinks the commercial will be an excellent start into the entertainment world but Manager Rei isn’t exactly a good positive encouragement. Love Live Episode 1 (8)Flashback to ten years ago when Izumi experienced his trauma on set LOL Izumi is just a bit indecisive and not entirely motivated for his dream. I’m more interested in Shougo, Izumi’s easy going and charming older brother who is sent out to bribe convince his younger brother into agreeing.

Izumi is even cuter than actual girls. As a girl, I feel ever so self-conscious watching Izumi LOL I really enjoy seeing Ryouma interact with Izumi because he’s just such a sweetheart.

Love Live Episode 1 (11)To be honest, I wasn’t a really big fan of the manga series when I read it. I thought the comedy was hilarious and the gags work out better when they’re fully animated in real time. As a yaoi series, the story is pretty light and it’s perfectly for anyone looking for a beginner yaoi to settle into the genre. There are only one or two actually explicit scenes and most of it is censored out by angles. I’m pretty sure none of it will make it into the anime so if you want some steamy Izumi X Ryouma, go read the manga. I have high hopes that Love Stage will turn out to be a really sweet boys love anime series this season.




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