Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus Episode 1 Impressions

I was actually really curious as to how they were going to introduce Black Butler to new fans without reiterating old back story narration to fans familiar with the show. The first episode did not disappoint. It was executed so well that you not only got the key points of Sebastian and Ciel’s contract relationship, but also the plot set-up with the Phantomhive family as the Queen’s watch dog. The chess elements are also prevalent towards the end of the episode when Sebastian is tucking Ciel into bed.

Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent

Book of Circus Episode 1 (14)Book of Circus is introduced with a quick case once again involving a shady business man’s dealings and his attempts on Ciel’s life. As we follow Sebastian through the day around the Phantomhive mansion, we are re-introduced to our favourite supporting and lovable clumsy characters. The animation is naturally more detailed in its art style and it makes Sebastian’s demon theatrics much more lively and badass.

Daisuke Ono’s perfect voice is back with all the “Yes my Lord”s and as always. Sebastian ends up picking up after the other servants throughout the day, cleaning up their accidents and so on.

Ciel has dinner with Lord Brandel that night. Highlights of the night?

– Sebastian catching every single champagne glass and making a graceful and sparkly landing. Through the incident we get a big of Sebastian’s perspective. His demon senses are so sharp that everything almost moves slowly for him.

Book of Circus Episode 1 (21)

– Sebastian and Ciel toying with Lord Brandel and scaring the crap out of him before killing him.

The rewind flashback parts to where Sebastian is taking down all of Brandel’s lackeys are pretty cool too and an interesting way to see how Sebastian seems to schedule EVERYTHING into the day despite being busy juggling regular chores. I love how the first episode set that comfortable and consistent Black Butler pace that we’re accustomed to in the Phantomhive household. Lau of course is as amusing as ever and he was cleverly added into the plot of the pilot in order to serve as a messenger towards the end of the episode where the queen has sent tickets to Ciel to investigate the Noah’s Ark Circus.

Book of Circus Episode 1 (32)Not gonna lie. I screamed when I heard Mamoru Miyano AKA the Joker, narrate the circus intro as the credits were rolling about. I’m so excited to hear Mamo play a villain this season. The opening to Book of Circus does not disappoint. It has a spectacular way of animating not only the action but also the eerie atmosphere of the occult sort of Victorian England setting of the story. I’m really impressed with how quickly and easily they fit the ENTIRE premise and all its trademark elements right into the first episode. I am looking forward to really great things from Kuroshitsuji this season.

– Cloudy

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One thought on “Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus Episode 1 Impressions

  1. I’m not going to lie the whole thing felt way inconsistent to me. While I approve of the character designs whole-hardheartedly the animation seemed to be a bit off at times.

    It got back that Black Butler touch back from previous incarnations only toward the end of the episode. I like hearing Mamoru Miyano’s voice toward the end too! It sounds kind of like the range he used for Yogi in the Karneval anime series. A bit darker here.

    Probably the best part for me was the OP. Such nice music and singing to go with those gothic circus visuals.

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