Majimoji Rurumo Episode 1 Impressions

“In exchange for having granted your wish, I’ll be taking your life. It’s in the contract.” (…sadly he wished for panties.)

Majimoji Rurumo Episode 1 (3)

Rating: 3/5 curious clouds Crop_3 CloudsExcited Transparent

Majimoji Rurumo Episode 1 (1)Wow this anime wastes no time at all and immediately throws us in the throes of the series premise. Kouta is a weird one. He’s a pretty girl obsessed perverted kind of comedic protagonist you would expect from shounen-oriented series which is why he ends up using his demon-summoning wish for panties… above all else From the premise we know that although Rurumo is tasked to collect Kouta Shibaki’s soul, she ends up leaving it and because of this, she is cast out among her fellow demons. The anime will tell the story of how she tries to restore her previous rank.

Majimoji Rurumo Episode 1 (6)LOL. The first episode introduces us to this set-up. Kouta’s the type of character who’s immensely charming in anime series but the weirdo you’d probably punch in real life if he approached you. It’s vastly amusing to watch Kouta’s flamboyant personality is just over-the-top hilarity meet Rurumo’s stoic faced bluntness. Since witches are tasked with fulfilling wishes, Rurumo ends up giving her panties (HER ONLY PAIR) to Kouta to fulfill his wish and for him, this realization is like a home run (literally). He spends a good part of the episode trying to get a GLIMPSE of Rurumo without her panties on… this goes on… for a while…

“In exchange for a long life of magic, we are all bound by rules. If you break the rules, the warden will pass his judgment on you.”

Majimoji Rurumo Episode 1 (12)So it’s good to see this series isn’t without some point and there are rules that witches must abide by. And Kouta does have his moments of decency in the presence of females. The incident with Kouta and Rurumo pass after he ends up giving the panties back to Rurumo and Kouta returns to his pervy ways LOL Okay the episode is pretty scattered. Rurumo appears and disappears and appears again when Kouta wishes to see her. Rurumo points out that Kouta has these magical wish tickets that allow him to use Rurumo’s magic. Apparently it’s Rurumo’s training to all a human to use all her tickets. She’s been demoted due to the fact that she let Rurumo off the hook from his panties debt last time and now Rurumo’s hanging around as a witch in training. OH CLINCHER – when Kouta uses up all his wish tickets, he DIES (but Rurumo doesn’t know this. and I guess it’ll be the big conflict thing in the series).

I wasn’t a big fan of how the episode jumps around to serious and comedic and back again but if you’re keen on picking up certain important plot details between all the gags then you’ll generally find the show enjoyable. I think I’ll stick with Majimoji Rurumo for a few more episode cause I need some outrageous comedy in my life. (Slight ecchi warning, if you’re a guy you’ll be fine, if you’re a girl like me it”ll take a bit of adjusting because the perverted gags can be a little bit cringe-worthy)

– Cloudy

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