Akame ga Kill Episode 2 Review

Akame ga Kill Episode 2 (4)

Rating: 3.5/5 curious clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

Akame ga Kill Episode 2 (8)I’m really enjoying seeing the adaptation of Akame ga Kill. The anime is following the manga pretty closely. Tatsumi decides to join Night Raid officially. He is paired up with Akame, the aloof abut beautiful girl who doesn’t seem to really respect him as a killer (yet). We learn about Akame’s past a bit, how she became an assassin, a tool of the capital and how she ended up joining the Revolutionary Army after seeing so much corruption within the empire.

Akame ga Kill Episode 2 (18)Tatsumi is still your regular hotheaded action shonen character and he’s charging into a new mission this episode to prove himself a worthy and professional killer before his new comrades. I’m curious to see more of Tatsumi’s personality because in the manga when you read ahead, we’re given each of the other Night Raid members’ back stories and how they came to be killers. Tatsumi honestly hasn’t gone through THAT much in my opinion. Sure he saw his two childhood best friends dead, and he was slaying monsters on his way to the capital to earn money but I have no idea why his fighting prowess is so swift and determined when he’s barely been trained.

Akame ga Kill Episode 2 (26)More so, Tatsumi differs from the other members of Night Raid in that he has a really inherent sense of justice. There’s a difference between only hating corruption and wanting to get rid of it versus hating corruption and aiming for justice. The former only has to do with eliminating the baddies, the latter can result in too much idealism if taken too far. I would say that Tatsumi’s still pretty idealistic right now and it’s only like his second week in the capital after all.

Tatsumi’s surprisingly not concerned for his wellbeing within Night Raid considering that they are ALL killers and have the abilities and weapons to eradicate him at any time. I mean, you would think he’d be at least a BIT suspicious of the people around him but that’s where his countryside naiveté kicks in. He literally just ROLLS with it.

Akame ga Kill Episode 2 (32)I’m excited to see the next episode where Tatsumi and Mein work out some of their camaraderie problems. As well, some Tatsumi and Schere plot will be coming up soon so you can look forward to more from the supporting characters. Each of the supporting characters do get somewhat of a spotlight when they interact with Tatsumi but no character is safe from the death flags especially when we delve deeper into the intricacies of how the members of Night Raid fight.

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