Hanayamata Episode 2 Review

Hanayamata Episode 2 (13)

Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds Crop_3 ComplacentCloudst

Hanayamata Episode 2 (2)Naru’s super confident perfectly friend Yaya is just a bit irked that the shy and timid Naru is getting super cozy with the new transfer student. Yaya ends up going to Naru’s house to discuss plans to get more people into Yosakoi. Small talk small talk…. And we find out that Hana used to do a lot of “Freerunning” WHICH IS BASICALLY PARKOUR. WOW what a Loli.

Hanayamata Episode 2 (7)

Hanayamata Episode 2 (11)Again the big difference we see between Naru and Hana is that Hana just plunges headfirst for whatever she wants versus Naru who is often indecisive and unconfident. Their personalities work really well together in this respect. A lot of this episode is told from Yaya’s perspective and her insecurity feelings on Naru and Hana’s new friendship. I love how Hana practically GLOMPS Naru every time she sees her. It’s adorable.

Yaya finally confronts Naru about her new yosakoi hobby. Yaya gets pretty forward and rude about Naru’s new yosakoi obsession. Yaya accuses Naru of being forced by Hana and calls Naru out for being a totally wimp. WOW EXCUSE YOU FOR BEING AN UNSUPPORTIVE FRIEND. Is Yaya so insecure that she needs to be around cowardly friends to feel good? Yaya’s internal monologue tells us that she only ever met Yaya because they always walked home on the same path. Childhood Yaya wanted to protect Naru but… it seems a bit much and over the top that she’d want to keep Yaya all to herself. And yes, she is pretty tsun about her emotions…. And totally dere about getting touchy feely with her friends. In times like these, I’m really glad Hana has all the blunt and forward North American attitudes to drag Yaya back to her friend’s side.

Yaya and Hana eavesdrop on Naru practicing and Yaya finally sees how hard her friend is working. Ohmigosh this episode is so slow paced. HAHAHA it amuses me that Hana pointed out Yaya was a tsundere, to her face. Hana is like the best girl ever XD

Hanayamata Episode 2 (27)I have never met a dancer as clumsy as Naru… okay I suddenly got really fed up with Hanayamata’s slow pace. It’s so off from the first episode. This one just wasn’t planned very well and the flow of the story up to the climax wasn’t exciting at all. I really hope the male fans don’t start shipping the girls i.e. Naru and Yaya or Naru and Hana…………

Hanayamata Episode 2 (31)

I’ll give it one more episode till I decide to stick with it or drop it.

– Cloudy

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