Free! Eternal Summer Episode 3 Review


In order to garner more popularity for the swim club, our boys enter the relay race against the other clubs and thanks to Rei’s amazing calculations and history on the track team, the Iwatobi swim club does win first place. Free! Eternal Summer Episode 3 (12)Even so… there aren’t new members unfortunately. Well, a relay race IS on land and has nothing to do with swimming to be honest haha. (And Haru’s totally like a turtle – slow on land but quick in the water). Luckily for everyone else (and especially Haru), the pool is officially open up for swims again. I love how here Makoto absently knows when to grab Haru to keep him from RANDOMLY DIVING into the pool hahaha.

Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent

The issue of Rei’s inability to swim other strokes comes up again and Rei ends up reflecting a lot on the fact that he really only has one stroke to swim with. He gets a little insecure thinking about being the new swimming senpai after Makoto and Haru graduate. The rest of the episode leads you on to think that Rei is contemplating quitting the swim club (or that’s what the other members think). Rei is actually sneaking off every day after school to take swimming lessons at Samezuka Academy with RIN. SERIOUSLY RIN IS SUCH A SWIMMING GENIUS – HE ACTUALLY GOT REI TO FLOAT. ERMAHGOD. Well I guess Rin’s explanations have a bit more technical backing than Haru’s “Feel the water with your heart.” Proverbs LOL Still, I really admire Haru’s passion for swimming. He’s not interested in getting scouted or breaking records. He only. Wants. To. Swim.

AND HOW BOUT THAT SCENE when the Iwatobi swim club is checking out the track team and Nagisa gets super worried Rei is going to quit. Makoto says he knows how much Nagisa wants Rei to stay and OMG MAKOTO’S EXPRESSION.

Seeing an episode devoted to Rei’s character means we should get one for Mako, Haru and Nagisa as well. I can’t wait to get deeper into all the other characters’ personalities.

As for you Reigisa fans, we got A LOT of Rei X Nagisa teases from Nagisa worrying over Rei’s after school disappearances, to getting the team on board with confronting Rei. At one point the group thinks Rei is lovesick and therefore distracted from the club activities.  Nagisa actually grabs on to Rei’s leg to keep him from leaving and quitting the swim club. TOO MANY FUZZY FRIENDSHIPS GOING ON *explodes*

On the Samezuka side, Momotaro is pestering Rin about some homemade cookies. I totally LOVE for SuzuKen X Mamo moments omg. Too cute. Momotaro does eventually find out that the cookies were made by Rei to thank Rin for his help.

Sousuke also seems interested in the fact that Rin is doing so much for Rei as a friend. OMG SOUSUKE LYING IN BED WITH A BLUE SWEATER. I JUST FANGIRL DIED.

Free! Eternal Summer Episode 3 (48)


Free! Eternal Summer Episode 3 (55)


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