Glasslip Episode 3 Review

Glasslip Episode 3 (5)

I have to say I really enjoyed this week’s episode of Glasslip. It begins with Touko’s acknowledgement of her psychic gift. She begins to use it more and more, or rather, more and more visions are revealed to her as she worries over her friends. It helps that she works with glass and she’s always surrounded by shiny things. I’m enjoying the animation effects they used to illustrate Touko’s visions however.

Rating: 3.5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

Glasslip Episode 3 (2)I don’t think the meet up between Kakeru and Touko moved any plot forward. It basically just gives the two main characters more screen time to “develop romance.” Though Touko ends up inviting Kakeru to her group hiking trip, he declines, saying he makes a point to hike alone.

The hiking trip takes up the rest of the episode. It’s interesting seeing Touko, Sachi and Yana interact with one another because while Touko and Yana, Touko and Sachi are friends, we never really see Yana and Sachi talk much. Rather, they’re friends through Touko. This is best seen when the gang is eating, Yana gives some of her toppings to Touko and Sachi does the same.

Glasslip Episode 3 (21)

Since Sachi isn’t a very physically strong girl, Touko ends up seeing a vision of Sachi in the hospital despite Sachi being well cared for during the hiking trip. As well, Touko sees a vision of Yana although she and Yana seem to have settled their differences over Yukinari. Although Yana says she’s going to work hard to pursue her feelings… well, the vision foreshadows things going not so well.

It’s obvious that Hiro has a thing for Sachi but whether or not she reciprocates is a totally other thing because Sachi just seems really dependent on Touko as a friend. All these friendships could go to hell once confessions are revealed and relationships are attempted.

Glasslip Episode 3 (13)In shows like Glasslip, the audience can easily determine at least the main couple that’s going to end up together. Right now we’ve barely seen Kakeru in ANYTHING other than the offhand exchange. Is he supposed to be the mysterious brooding new character? Because he seems really neutral to me. I’m wondering if the rest of the story will take place over these summer days or if we’ll shift setting back into a high school scene soon. I’m guessing the Kakeru and Touko romance developments won’t come up until the main group has their fall-out or at least grows somewhat distant because Touko seems content with the status quo of her friendships and Kakeru is completely okay with being a loner. Will Sachi’s hospitalization be the catalyst of the group awkwardness or will it be the love triangle? There are still so many directions Glasslip can go right now.

– Cloudy

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