Akame ga Kill Episode 3 Review

Akame ga Kill is following the manga REALLY closely which I’m enjoying. No surprises thus far and even the camera angles and overall pacing is similar to the original work. In this episode, Tatsumi is shadowing Mein. At the start, Night Raid is taking care of a bunch of assassins who have come too close to the Night Raid hideout. The members of Night Raid start to show off their “Teigu” or “Imperial Arms” (as some sub groups translate it). We get to see Akame’s sword curse manifest itself on a victim, Mein’s explosive Pumpkin, Schere’s awesomely huge scissors, Leone’s beastlike combat abilities, Lubbock’s puppet thread skills and Bulat’s Incursio; small snippet scenes of Night Raid’s individual members to hint at how powerful they are.

Rating: 3.5/5 happy clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

More scenes of government and kingdom corruption followed by some ugly ass shots of the creature (and I say creature in an almost literal sense) when I refer to the royal demon-like advisor. For now however, Night Raid’s next target is a relative of a minister who uses his power to kidnap and beat innocent women.

Mein is probably one of my favourite characters. She’s so sassy and cute but has a really mature side to her influenced by her past with discrimination as a result of being of mixed blood. Honestly there is not much to really recap or review in episode of Akame ga Kill. The action is set up in such a themed-per-assignment way that it’s easy to sum up in a sentence. Right now we’re following the classic shonen kind of plot structure that’s easily organized and explained with different missions that clearly have a beginning and end cap. Just before the episode ends, we get a shot of another Teigu user whose battle with Night Raid is coming up soon. The action is layering on slowly. More and more with each episode. Now that you anime-watchers have been introduced to the Teigu, you’re probably wondering when Tatsumi will get his… I’m guessing episode… six or seven-ish. It could be a bit later if they’re dragging it out a bit more. These ancient super weapons add a whole new layer of action, character and even plot complexity to the story that we’ll see soon.

– Cloudy

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