Re_Hamatora Episode 3 Review

Re_Hamatora Episode 3 (16)

Ratio: The moment when you’re about to land checkmate is the most dangerous one.

Me: …how can we be at checkmate? we’re only at episode 3… hamatora… stahpit.

Re_Hamatora Episode 3 (2)I know I said I wouldn’t review the second season of Hamatora episode by episode but this series is getting exciting in all kinds of weird and exciting ways. For one, we’re getting to see a lot of different minimum abilities. Whereas season 1 was confined within the Hamatora PD investigative activities, season 2 is showing us a plethora of different people, those of which who are violent and dangerous minimum holders, to those being targeted by Art himself.

Rating: 3/5 curious clouds Crop_3 CloudsExcited Transparent

Re_Hamatora Episode 3 (5)The transitions from title card to title card still bother me but I suppose I can get over the blunt transitions because the story is getting pretty dark and interesting. For one, we’ve already seen the light speed minimum and the paper minimum. In this episode we get to see the insanity minimum. When regular people see this crazy artist’s paintings, they are overcome by violent destructive urges. It’s interesting to see ALL the members of Hamatora work together.

Art appears almost every time there is a minimum case. He can basically power-up with any sort of abilities now because he’s stealing other people’s minimums to use on his own and passing judgement on harmful minimum-holders. It’s also noted that those who have their minimums stolen seem completely in a state of ignorant vacant bliss. Perhaps since minimum abilities are linked to the mind, there’s some brain damage after the minimum is extracted?

Re_Hamatora Episode 3 (18)Art’s analyzed Nice’s ability to a certain extent BUT Ratio is AMAZING at analyzing Art judging by his muscle movement and body language. How can Art and his stolen minimum abilities go up against natural minimum-holders? I wouldn’t expect Art to be able to hold up to Nice in battle considering the fact that Nice is supposed to be a genius. Art still got a punch in though. With the entire Hamatora team against Art, he can hardly expect to win (unless he’s aiming to encompass so many minimum abilities that he can use them all at once and do a crazy power-up to become a minimum god…

Two random pieces of information mentioned in this episode as well…

1) Honey randomly lapses into baby mode… for some reason.

Re_Hamatora Episode 3 (14)

2) Gasuke catches the other police guy talking to someone on the phone – another antagonist? – The name is shown as Saikyou which means (most terrifying). Is it Art’s alias? Or some other minimum man working behind the scenes?

Re_Hamatora Episode 3 (11)

So many questions. Not many answears.

I’m enjoying the opening song a lot because it’s similar to that driving techno rock in the first season but I feel like the ending song is too tranquil for a show like Hamatora. I get that the ending song is trying to strike a contrast of peace and lightheartedness against the heavy plot but I just couldn’t get into it.

Re_Hamatora Episode 3 (7)It got A LOT darker in the second season. And it got super dark without much of a warning. We did get a few scenes of Nice and Art as kids at Facultas where Nice wants to sneak out of the facility into the real world. Another little boy calls Art his brother (is he important? Where is he now?). I didn’t feel like the scenes with Art show any insight to his motivations beyond his dark avenger visage. It’d be nice to get some of his flashbacks or inner thoughts towards the minimum-holders (similar to how Moral was depicted in his villain scenes). The members of Hamatora don’t REALLY seem to have an aim either other than to keep up their measly cases to get back. The previews seem to hint that the next episode will talk about Honey and her past so I guess we’ll have to see where the story goes from there.

– Cloudy

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  1. Art’s brother was mentioned in season 1 near the end I think. When Art got shot by Moral, he was “killed” on his brother’s grave. In the last episode, we get a flashback image of Art, his brother, and Nice together. From the image, it seems that Art’s brother and Nice were friends. You can also see that Art’s brother was wearing the coat Nice wears now. Maybe his brother’s death has something to do with Art wanting to kill Nice so badly? You can see the image here:

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