Ao Haru Ride Episode 3 Review

“If you want to start something new. It goes without saying that you’ll need more power than usual to get things going…”

Rating: 3.5/5 happy clouds Crop_35 Clouds Transparent

Ao Haru Ride Episode 3 (11)I‘m starting to get the drift we’ll be given Futaba X Kou flashbacks at the start of each episode and with the way Ao Haru Ride is set up between the main characters, it’s a brilliant way to open up each episode without seeming too overbearing with the back story stuff. Kou, Tanaka-sensei and Futaba exchanges are one of the most charming dynamics between the characters.

Futaba and Kou are beginning to share warmer moments together. Futaba’s so interested in figuring out the person that Kou has become. One of the best things you’ll start to notice in Futaba’s personality is her relentless perseverance and forwardness. She’s not as easily embarrassed as typical shoujo heroines are, that’s for sure.

The score music is absolutely perfect. The interactions are so simple yet intimate and ten full points for Yuki Kaji’s amazing voice acting in the scenes where he’s apologizing to Futaba about the summer festival.

Kou has a lot of family problems (hence the family name change) and it’s one of the first challenges standing between him and Futaba. I’m curious as to where the anime is going to adapt up to because at one point in the manga, it sort of twists things up and it gently rips out your soul for… actually quite a few chapters. Ao Haru Ride Episode 3 (22)For now, Futaba’s found herself in a new class with Kou, Marika, Kominato and Murao. Futaba’s resolved to be honest about herself and her new bonds from now on – this is perpetuated by the fact that all the main and supporting characters end up being representatives for the class. (LOL how convenient) We’ll get to see Futaba not only form genuine friendships with her classmates but also rekindle things with Kou.

And with the end of episode 3, ALL the introductions officially wrap up with a pretty neat bow. What I love about each episode of Ao Haru Ride is how structured it is from beginning to end. There’s a steady progressive pace that doesn’t fumble which makes it immensely easy to follow and enjoy. I am really looking forward to delving into the drama now.

– Cloudy

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2 thoughts on “Ao Haru Ride Episode 3 Review

  1. I kept thinking how convenient they all came together too 🙂
    Another thing have realized whenever watch Ao Haru Ride I am completely blushing all over the place. The voice acting is so good it gets to you. I wonder if I am the only one blushing through all the episodes.

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