Free! Eternal Summer Episode 4 Recap & Review

Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent

Free! Eternal Summer Episode 4 (5)In this week’s episode of Free, the Iwatobi Swim Club is working on their diet while the Samezuka Team is figuring out their relay members. We got to see just how devoted Gou is to the Iwatobi Swim Club. She goes through each of their bento lunches to rate them based on nutrition and ends up reminding her boys that they’re a team now and they have to keep themselves on serious regimens and disciplined lifestyles to support each other as members. 100 points for the cutest swim club coach ever! ^_^/

On the other end of things, Rin is taking his team swimsuit shopping. He ends up bumping into his siters and we get TONS OF Momo X Gou scenes. THAT BOY IS SO CUTE. He’s super obsessed with Gou and our Samezuka Captain isn’t as excited as he is about that. I think Rei and Momotaro would get along fabulously with all the same flashy tastes in swimsuit fashion hahaha.

SOUSUKE AND RIN FLASHBACKS!!! SO CUTE!!! Aww Rin use to be such a cute crybaby when he lost races. Rin still owes Sousuke a promise because he once lost a race to Sousuke five years ago. At first Sousuke asks for random things like trading bunks with Rin or the rest of Rin’s soda but when Rin objects to those measly things Sousuke says he’ll think about it. Sousuke also finally asks Rin about what happened during his study in Australia. It’s really nothing that Sousuke hadn’t already guessed. Rin is such a romantic when it comes to swimming >v<

Even the Iwatobi boys are talking about Sousuke. Nagisa ends up explaining to Rei how Rin once told them how he and Sousuke differ in their attitudes in sport. One night during a jog, Sousuke reminds Rin that he needs to focus more on training because if Rin focuses too much on his friends, he won’t improve. Free! Eternal Summer Episode 4 (39)Rin then reinforces how much his friends are a source of strength and inspiration for him. Sousuke hopes Rin will count him in as one of those friends and allow him swim in the relay. Of course the relay members aren’t entirely up to Rin even though he’s the captain. Those with the best times are selected and Sousuke ends up racing Rin that night at the pool. It’s intense to see Sousuke and Rin swim seriously against each other omg. (And let’s be honest, Sousuke’s reaction to winning against Rin was hella hot). Rin ends up changing the swim team rules. Those who don’t want to swim the relay don’t have to swim the relay despite their top swim times. Wow, who knew Rin would go from tortured and angsty swimmer to super passionate and teamwork gungho captain?

– Cloudy

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