Glasslip Episode 4 Review

Rating: 3/5 curious clouds Crop_3 CloudsExcited Transparent

I really don’t know what to say about this week’s episode of Glasslip because NOT MUCH happened. Seriously. Well, there was ONE big moment towards the end of the episode. Sometimes the difficulties with reviewing slice of life anime is that mundane events are supposed to be somewhat important events and they might go unnoticed because of how average they seem.

Glasslip Episode 4 (5)So Yana-chan sprained her ankle and Yukinari’s taken her to the hospital. Yukinari’s completely oblivious to Yana’s feelings but at least when Touko spots them alone together, she runs in the other direction to give them so privacy. I admire Touko in this aspect. She doesn’t try to play the friendship card and act as if nothing has changed. Rather, she tries to give Yana as many opportunities as she can. I’m glad Yana and Touko are keeping up their friendship on somewhat pleasant terms even though Yana knows her crush is actually crushing on her best friend. This is a bit better than in Nagi no Asukara where feelings were all brewing and festering uncomfortably underneath the friendship.

Glasslip Episode 4 (10)The characters kind of swap this episode. Yukinari goes to talk to Touko while Yana ends up bumping into Kakeru on her way home. Touko is such an oblivious person that it takes Yukinari’s bluntly-voiced observation that Touko likes Kakeru in order to get her THINKING about it. I can understand why the friends within the group would fall for one another but really the only reason Touko is someone infatuated with Kakeru is because of his good looks (David reference), and the “mystery” around him perhaps (Thank you clichéd plot tropes).

Glasslip Episode 4 (7)What’s really bothering me in Glasslip right now is how much the glass artisan stuff is being sidetracked for all the romance and drama. From the synopsis it made it seem like Touko’s character would be intensely focused on glass-working but it seems like other than to give the anime a name, everything concerning glass artistry has been sidelined.

Glasslip Episode 4 (19)Of course, misunderstandings are ripe within slice of life drama anime like Glasslip. When Touko’s on her way home she catches Yana and Kakeru talking. Because of Yana’s sprained ankle, she stumbles when she’s trying to return his jacket (which I don’t understand cause you were standing perfectly well a moment ago but this is anime so we’ll just go with it) – and Touko sees Kakeru sort of catch Yana in a hug. Awkward. Will Touko and Yana continue to be friends? I wouldn’t be surprised if Yana suddenly started to like Kakeru cause she thought he was good looking to begin with. Also, what’s the deal with Sachi and and Hiro? It all got kind of sidelined for the main love square but apparently Sachi and Hiro went on a date? (Doesn’t seem much like a date when Hiro falls asleep in the middle of the movie). We know from Touko’s brief vision that Sachi WILL end up in the hospital at some point. The group dynamic will definitely shift either for better or worse when that happens. Visions almost always foreshadow impending doom =__=””””

– Cloudy

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