Akame ga Kill Episode 4 Review

AWESOME episode of Akame ga Kill. With the battles we’ve seen with Night Raid thus far, our characters’ abilities haven’t been pushed to the max because there haven’t been ample opportunities. This episode pitches one teigu or imperial arms user, against another and there is a saying that resonates throughout the entire series. It’ll be revealed sooner or later (like probably in the next episode) so I’ll tell you anime-watchers now – when one teigu user fights another… only one will survive the battle.

Rating: 4.25/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_45 CuriousClouds Transparent

Akame ga Kill Episode 4 (22)Episode four focuses on Zank the Executioner, the most recent murderer around the capital. He was a teigu user who previously worked for the capital but ended up enjoying decapitation way too much and ended up becoming pretty messed up on the power and slaughter trip. We’re given a brief info dump and history lesson on the forty-eight legendary one-of-a-kind teigu weapons said to solely rival an army’s strength.

Each of Night Raid’s teigu are given brief introductions. The part of the story you should look forward to is when Tatsumi gets HIS teigu.

Akame ga Kill Episode 4 (25)A lot of great action in this episode, especially in the fight against Akame and Zank. I’m not entirely interested in seeing Tatsumi yet because he’s not strong enough to go up against a teigu user. Plus, he doesn’t have that much combat experience so in the midst of very skilled and mature fighters, he won’t hold up long. Zank’s teigu gives him the ability to read minds, hearts and predict the future judging but what he visually perceives. He actually ends up giving Tatsumi a lecture on how to be more lethal with fighting DURING the fight LOL

Akame ga Kill Episode 4 (24)Akame arrives just in time or our hero would have been slashed to pieces. Although her Murasama sword gives instant death, Zank’s teigu gives him an extra edge especially in close up combat. Everything is much faster and deadlier in a fight between teigu users. Akame’s even skilled enough to shield her mind with nothingness, to strike without hesitation. Zank ends up using an illusion against Akame (one that Tatsumi previously fell for) which shows her the person she loves the most. Akame ends up seeing a girl named Kurome – who you can definitely predict is her sister judging by her character name, design and colouring. To Zank’s surprise, Akame actually strikes at the person she values most which is how she takes down Zank that quickly. The person she loves the most is also the person she wants to kill the most. The swordwork animation was just SUPERB in this episode. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. Definitely one of the coolest sword exchanges I’ve seen in a while.

I really enjoyed this week’s episode of Akame ga Kill and I’m looking forward to seeing a lot more teigu fights among the characters. The previews hint a lot of Schere screen time next week. She’s one of my favourite characters in Akame ga Kill. You’ll love her too once you find out her back story so don’t forget to stay tuned!

– Cloudy

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