Re_Hamatora Episode 4 Review

Rating: 3.5/5 complacent clouds Crop_35 ComplacentCloudst

Oh good, they’re addressing Honey’s random aggression into a childlike state. It wasn’t just a random plothole. Perhaps Hamatora could become a part-time babysitting group if the investigations fall through. Honey’s minimum side effect seems to be only the beginning…

Re_Hamatora Episode 4 (1)Art is also having some serious minimum-issues. It seems that if he wants to reset his body of all minimums he has to “die” – we see this when he’s stabbing himself in the heart with a knife. He has another minimum that resurrects him from death so he can essentially started over (or at least, that’s what it seems like).

Season 2 is interesting in that it delves into different perspective of minimum because the existence of minimum or lack thereof have caused huge social problems in this world. Some, like Moral, believe minimum-holders are meant to rise about others while others seek equality and acceptance. I found Re_Hamatora having some difficulties balancing out the societal themes with the Art antagonism with the regular investigation plots and Honey’s minimum side effect issue.

Re_Hamatora Episode 4 (10)Since Honey is usually a pretty sassy character, you wouldn’t expect her to have a really dark back story but I guess every minimum-holder has struggled with certain issues in the past. When her father discovered her analysis minimum, Honey was reviewed by the minimum agency so that she could be put to “good use” and was deemed most suitable for assassination missions due to her abilities to process large amounts of data and essentially predict the future. It’s pretty horrible how they analyze kids, judge and determine their worth based on their minimum. Pretty messed up agency here but it’s these messed up systems that really push our characters beyond their physical and emotional limits to mature further. Giving us the back story flash back of Three and Honey in between Three’s search to rescue Honey gave that extra punch to the overall impact of the episode. I really enjoyed watching Honey and Three’s long partnership flushed out this episode and I’m looking forward to Murasaki or Hajime’s back story as well.

After the end credits, we see adverse side effects hit Birthday and Ratio after they complete their mission. While Honey previously sent her location to Three, she sent Nice, Murasaki and Hajime in the opposite direction to confront the other baddies and run into Art.

– Cloudy

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