Free Eternal Summer Episode 5 Thoughts

Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent

This week’s episode of Free! Eternal Summer focuses on Nagisa’s side of the story. Nagisa ended up running away from home because his parents told him to quit the swimming club due to Nagisa’s poor grades. Rather than focusing on the resolution of the conflict itself by confronting Nagisa’s parents right away. The boys more or less talk to Nagisa until he’s encouraged enough to approach his parents honestly.

Free! Eternal Summer Episode 5 (18)Since Nagisa is generally a very carefree character, you would never think he really struggle internally that much. It’s nice to see the producers bring out a bit of depth in his character beyond the cheery every day expressions. What’s also interesting in this episode is how we see Haru, Mako and Rei deal with conflict in their own individual ways. Nagisa also knows each of them well enough to either persuade or bribe them away from the truth. Of course when the boys approach Nagisa altogether, he has no way of escaping.

When Nagisa praises Haru for being superbly talented, Haru’s surprised face is so adorable!

I actually really enjoyed seeing all the boys in their casual clothes this episode as well.

Free! Eternal Summer Episode 5 (20)I also love seeing Makoto-scaredycat moments cause he’s so cute.

At first I thought we were going to get some shots of Nagisa’s parents but we NEVER get to see them throughout the episode. In the end the main obstacle holding Nagisa back isn’t necessarily his parents but actually his lack of confidence in confronting his parents. Who knew Nagisa was one of those super smart private school kids? Rei was probably the most firm and adamant with Nagisa in resolving the conflict. He actually gets in Nagisa’s face quite a few times in the heated discussions. Nagisa’s story really demonstrated the solidarity of friendship between the boys, especially when the boys think Nagisa’s parents are about to find them at the swim club, they all try to hide Nagisa behind them.

Free! Eternal Summer Episode 5 (21)

In the previews, we see the Iwatobi boys finally head to the prefectural tournament so for all of you guys who missed all the swimming sparkles and sparkly abs in the last two weeks, the sports aspect will be returning next week. Things naturally heat up when Iwatobi and Samezuka clash in the pool. I NEED MORE SOUSUKE SCENES AHHHH. I’m becoming such a Sousuke fangirl already and we’ve barely seen him on the screen.

Free! Eternal Summer Episode 5 (28)Since Season 1 handled Haru, Rin and Mako’s back stories while episode 4 and 5 of Eternal Summer showed us Rei and Nagisa’s character stories, most of the character development should be done by now to make way for more swimming plot and the “future” conflict beyond high school. We don’t exactly know what Haru is thinking because every time someone encourages Haru to go for professional swimming, he gets pretty quiet right away. Hopefully Rin will goad Haru to be more motivated and take charge of his future.

– Cloudy

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