Glasslip Episode 5 Review

Glasslip Episode 5 (19)

Hey guys how are you all? Today we’re back with another episode of Glasslip. I don’t know why but every week when I get to the new Glasslip episode I feel so relaxed and chill and it is the perfect slice of life summer anime. The animation is just bonkers-beautiful and it makes the slow-paced story a lot more bearable haha If Glasslip wasn’t animated by P.A. Works I might have ended up dropping it. Because I loved Nagi no Asukara so much I have high hopes for Glasslip but I still don’t know what direction it is taking or if it will pick up the pace but the end of the episode really spices things up. The episode jumps around quite a bit because each of the characters are doing separate activities so I’ll give my thoughts briefly on each mini section of the episode.

Rating: 3/5 happy clouds Crop_3 Clouds Transparent

Glasslip Episode 5 (15)Episode five focused a bit more on Yana-chan and Yukinari rather than Touko and Kakeru. Yana-chan is preparing to confess to Yukinari and the weird thing is you can blatently tell that they’re not related in any way but they live together… are they siblings or in-laws because of some marriage in the family? Yana is almost always with Yukinari and ends up supporting him in almost everything he does despite his feelings for Touko instead of her.

Touko ends up finding out Hiro went on a date but when she goes to confirm it, Sachi says they were just “reading” together. I can’t really read Sachi as well as the other characters because she’s so quiet and aloof.

Glasslip Episode 5 (6)I’m really surprised Yana confides in Kakeru about her feelings. She can probably bluntly talk to him about her dispositions because he is so disconnected from her main group of friends. Sometimes it’s easier to vent to a stranger because you don’t have to worry about them judging your personality and you’re not close enough to care what they actually think about you. Yukinari seems like the type who really needs a girlfriend to support him.

Glasslip Episode 5 (26)Touko also meets up with Kakeru and he ends up taking her to a really beautiful grove in the forest. Kakeru is so RANDOM cause he barely emotes but he’ll randomly be forward about inviting Touko over or taking her to a forest where they’re both alone. They end up lying on the grass together. Literally nothing builds up to this and I found this moment kind of disconnected between the two characters because Kakeru is just lying there with his eyes closed doing his own thing while Touko is admiring the foliage beside him. It’s pretty obvious Kakeru likes her but like Sachi, I can’t figure out what Kakeru is thinking because he’s so calm. I swear if Kakeru met Tatsuya from Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, it’d be the mellowest conversation on earth. Touko either has to spend more time with Kakeru to get to know him or just like stay away from him cause this indecision is not good for the plot pacing.

Yana has probably become my favourite character after the end of the episode because she actually CONFESSES to Yukinari… IN THE FIFTH EPISODE. How often do you get the second female lead’s confession this early in the show!??! Yana’s character type is usually stuck on the unrequited love side plot but I give Glasslip major props for twisting up the pace with a confession. Yana is so honest here, she’s earned major points in my book. I’m sure Yana will continue to act like nothing has changed with Yukinari but I’m sure he’ll started being sort of awkward around her.

Glasslip is one of those anime that you can’t watch all at once because it would just annoy you and you’d get tired of it unless you’re really accustomed to snail-slow pacing. For anime-fans with really stressed every-day lives, Glasslip will provide a really great half-hour breather every week. Since episode five left us sort of hanging with that confession I am really looking forward to next week’s episode.

– Cloudy

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