Akame ga Kill Episode 5 Review

Rating: 3/5 curious clouds Crop_3 Clouds Transparent

Akame ga Kill Episode 5 (12)This episode focuses a bit on Schere’s past and sets the plot up for the impeding battle in the next episode. Tatsumi is shadowing Schere and as clumsy and sweet as she seems, she has one screw loose that makes her a talented killer.  She was recruited by the revolutionary army when she was a freelance assassin.

Akame ga Kill Episode 5 (22)Tatsumi tests his affinity with Zank’s teigu and we learn a few things about teigu in general. If the teigu isn’t compatible with the user, it either takes immense willpower and strength to control through force or it will just reject the user. The strongest teigu depends on compatibility and usage. Tatsumi is given a book to learn about teigu and he’s actually idealistic enough to think a teigu exists to bring back the dead. As much as Tatsumi is “fitting in” with Night Raid, somehow I feel like he doesn’t fit in as well emotionally. He hasn’t seen the worst of the capital’s corruption and he hasn’t been hardened into an assassin yet.

I really liked the Schere and Tatsumi sibling sort of relationship that develops… too bad it was short and it’ll only last for the next episode most likely as the plot shifts gears into action mode.

Esdese is introduced with the leader of the north (who the leader of Night Raid deemed had the most powerful ice teigu), licking her feet. DAYUM.

Akame ga Kill Episode 5 (27)

Akame ga Kill Episode 5 (17)

With the Revolutionary army growing and gaining momentum, the capital will send their forces to suppress them. The baby emperor is in need of a NEW BABYSITTER – one who doesn’t look like an ugly gluttonous creature PREFERABLY. I would really like to see Esdese kick his fat ass off his high horse.

Akame ga Kill Episode 5 (34)Tatsumi ends up meeting an imperial police officer named Seryu who has the CUTEST teigu to date. It’s a teigu that looks like a dog that on first glance seems harmless but will and can F you up. Coro, the dog teigu looks like a distant cousin of Snoopy LOL Seryu ended up with Coro because it “wasn’t compatible” (in other words KILLED) the higher-ups that attempted to fight with it. Seryu is seriously obsessed with “justice” – in a pretty annoying way cause she mentioned it like in every passing sentence.

Akame ga Kill Episode 5 (40)Okay so I’m waiting for more action again. Akame is really the only character that really interests me in the series to be honest. I’ve heard there are crazy lots of twists down the road for Akame ga Kill since the manga is ongoing but I doubt they’ll get that far. Sometimes the adapted anime art bothers me a bit because the details from the manga are lost but other than that I’ll keep watching Akame ga Kill.

– Cloudy

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