Re_Hamatora Episode 5 Review

Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds Crop_3 ComplacentCloudst

Re_Hamatora Episode 5 (1)WHOA. SHI** JUST GOT REALLY REALLY IN HAMATORA. Things got SUPER BLOODY and HELLA DARK… even darker than before. The beginning of the episode picks up right when Nice and Murasaki have run into Art in the middle of the streets. Even though Nice can use his sonic minimum to charge at Art, he somehow uses a different minimum to stop them. Art comments that the minimums he’s using are “sins” that he’s collected. We see Art team up with the Freemum minimum-holder misfits…

Ratio and Birthday start t notice some side effects to their own minimum abilities… what the heck is going on with minimum-holders? Even Three is starting to lose control of his beast. But if anyone can figure out what’s up with the minimum-holder side effects, it’s Dr. Ratio. Here it’s hinted that it’s related to an incident from three years back…?

Art is just becoming all kinds of crazy. He says he views the Hamatora people as his friends but he needs to kill them too. I have no idea what Art is planning and things are just spontaneously happening left and right. I feel like Nice and Murasaki have been powerless to do ANYTHING for the last four episodes and Art is just going around plotting whatever he wants to plot. Re_Hamatora Episode 5 (4)He claims he’ll give the Freemum minimum-holders “true freedom” (this is all starting to sound creepily idealistic like Moral’s ramblings from season one. Seriously, how does someone like Art go from being a caring and upright person to a creepy minimum-hording villain? Season 1 barely hinted ANYTHING wrong with his mental or emotional dispositions despite his inability to wield his minimum upon graduating Facultas.

And what about Hajime-chan? When do we get to see more of her in battle?!?!? She’s just gone back to eating by the bar *facepalm*

Re_Hamatora Episode 5 (16)The old man Gasuke finally does some investigating for himself and… it does not end well for him at the end. I feel so bad for him because his death wasn’t REALLY necessary unless we see Nice really throw himself at Art in battle the next episode (which doesn’t seem likely cause he can’t even find Art). Art is just totally not Art anymore and I’m not feeling any big connection between the plot in season 1 and 2 despite the linking twist. Now I feel like there’s a reason Facultas and the government was so strict on controlling minimum and isolating it to training only those who were strong enough to use it for good because theses Freemum freaks are just crossing the line with these horrible murders. My heart really broke for Gasuke when Art was just staring at him coldly over his dying body. Even when Murasaki and Nice try to speak to Gasuke he’s trying to say his last words to Art and died with his eyes wide open like he just couldn’t let go. Nice was SO OP in the first season and now he’s all but powerless against Art.

There are a few scattered plot lines to keep in mind when watching Re_Hamatora because they jump around SO MUCH every episode. I still haven’t gotten use to the choppy transitions from one setting to the next. Re_Hamatora Episode 5 (22)The overall plot is just not tying together well and there doesn’t seem to be a clear and purposeful direction… no choice but to keep watching and hope explanations and motives will surface soon.

Seems like episode six will have lots of intense action… I’m a little scared of Nice’s “Murasaki” scream because that is NOT a good sign and if they kill any of the main characters I’ll be sorely saddened.

– Cloudy

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