Free! Eternal Summer Episode 6 Recap & Review

I really loved this week’s episode of Free! Eternal Summer and if you are a Makoto fangirl or a Mako X Haru shipper, you’ll love it tooooooooo cause EVERYONE swims this week. WHOOOOO \^ O ^/

Rating: 4.5/5 super happy clouds Crop_45 Clouds Transparent

Free! Eternal Summer Episode 6 (5)We start off with a childhood flashback of Haru and Makoto where Makoto is trying to persuade Haru to join the swim club with him. Gosh, both of them were such adorable kids and their personalities really haven’t changed much. Haru’s always been a gorgeous swimmer and Makoto’s always been the one to offer him a hand out of the water. When Goro offers the boys fishie key chains for new members, both of them reach for the dolphin but Makoto lets Haru have the dolphin instead. IT’S THE SAME DOLPHIN HARU IS ALWAYS PLAYING WITH IN THE TUB. Too cute.

Rin and Gou visit their father’s grave together before the big competition.

More adorable Reigisa friendship moments…

BEST MOMENT: The Mikoshiba brothers “fighting” and fanboying over Gou (LOL Rin’s face)

Gou endeavours to not get worked up over her beloved muscles… and fails. HAHA

It’s pretty amusing to see Ai and Nagisa converse because Nagisa is so fun and open while Ai is always so flustered and cute XD

Free! Eternal Summer Episode 6 (19)LOTS OF SWIMMING for those of you who have missed the swimming aspects. The Iwatobi boys do surprisingly well in the preliminaries and they all hit first in the preliminaries. When Ai loses to Nagisa, Seijurou and Rin are still pretty proud of Nagisa but Sousuke has an expression on that just absolutely no patience for failure. I honestly wonder if Momotaro is swimming for the team or just… to impress Gou. LOL Seijurou amuses me. He’s just ALL KINDS OF SUPPORTIVE to his younger brother haha.

Haru and Makoto have a race… for real. And even though Makoto tries his best, he loses to Haru. Makoto’s still totally okay with it because all he really wanted to race his best friend because he was always a little bit jealous about how serious Rin and Haru were as rivals.

Rin and Haru race as well and the difference is only 0.02 seconds with Haru coming in first. Today’s episode only covered the first day of the prefecturals but I’m SO EXCITED to see Haru swim against Sousuke and I wonder who’s going to come out on top because Haru only won last time because Sousuke got a head start and even so, it was a pretty close end.

– Cloudy

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