Glasslip Episode 6 Review

Okay so things get as interesting as they can get in Glasslip. Quite a bit drama seeing as things were moving quite slowly in the first half. Touko really doesn’t DO MUCH and it bothers me a bit because she’s suppose to be the main character. Rather than trying to change some parts of the future or investigating the visions she sees, she sees her visions as preparations so she can enjoy the great things twice (as evidenced as when she sees her first kiss LOL). Still, with how the plot has come up so far, they could have really made the visions a really strong driving aspect of the plot. Instead they just come up as random things that kind of disrupt the flow of the story.

Glasslip Episode 6 (32)

Rating: 3.5/5 curious clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

Glasslip Episode 6 (6)Hiro and Sachi are probably the least troublesome couple right now. Yuki’s confessed to Touko, Yana to Yuki and Kakeru has ALL BUT CONFESSED to Touko but it’s pretty obvious they like each other anyway. I really don’t like Kakeru was constructed as a character right now. I get that he’s supposed to be this contemplative and quiet character – the strong silent twice. Kakeru doesn’t emote. And I don’t know if this is a problem with the animation or the original character designs. The most emotional you see his eyes get is near the end when he talks to Touko at the end of the episode. Whereas Touko sees visions, perhaps Kakeru hears random sounds? Because he does tell that he can only hear her voice and when Touko sees visions, she always ends up seeing him. Sound amad music seems to be a big thing with Kakeru as evidenced by how often we see him listening to music or how music-focused his family is because his mother is a pianist.

Yuki and Yana, on the other end of things, have this weird relationship-friendship-family-ship. And it’s a wonder how the friends can still sit together at a table and NOT act awkwardly around each other.

Glasslip Episode 6 (25)While Hiro is planning a mini fireworks gathering for Sachi, the group decides to invite Kakeru or David-kun (LOL weird nickname that sticks). Yuki volunteers to “talk” to Kakeru – a fun and informative conversation that results in a punch to the face. Yuki was probably pretty peeved that not only does his Touko have a crush on Kakeru, Kakeru also knew about Yana’s feelings for Yuki (tough spot to be in). Things get from tense to worse to awkward and then just sort of FADE OUT by the end of the episode.

Glasslip Episode 6 (20)Kakeru wonders if Touko is “on his side” in this when he and Yuki meet in the school courtyard to “settle things.” Kakeru challenges Yuki to a race. If Kakeru wins, Touko will be his but if he loses, he’ll never see Touko again. Yana intervenes in an arguably good, arguable bad way. Yana comes in and slaps Kakeru, suspecting that he never intended to run in the first place. I REALLY HATE that Touko did NOTHING HERE when THE GUY SHE LIKES just got SMACKED IN THE FACE. And even then, Touko wants to run after her friends if not for Kakeru who verbally halted her. Touko’s indecision and passive actions make me want to smack HER in the face and honestly she and Kakeru haven’t really talked about anything beyond the future fragments. What do they have in common ANYWAY?!??

Glasslip Episode 6 (29)Argh Glasslip. The show is trying to do so many things and not executing it well. There isn’t even THAT much going on but the storytelling seems spread thin throughout the series setting because there isn’t enough time or emotional investment spent on each individual character for the audience to even empathize with them. The most we can understand is Hiro, who’s just really simple-mindedly in love, or Yana, who we witnessed a confession from in the last episode. I really don’t think Yana should have slapped Kakeru in my opinion, the animation could have just punctuated her words with cool visuals or camerawork and showed Yuki’s reaction as she dragged him off. Touko should have at least said, “Yana-chan!” when her crush got slapped. Like SERIOUSLY. But this is a pretty telltale sign of just how much Touko loves and cares for Yuki in contrast to Touko who’s the very definition of mixed-signals.

– Cloudy

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