Akame ga Kill Episode 6 Review

To be honest, I haven’t really been feeling the shonen mood lately (I’m also really sleep-deprived, but then again which otaku isn’t?) which is why I put off this episode of Akame ga Kill but because I’m meticulous about doing my reviews in order I can’t move on to other reviews until I finish this one so LETS GET STARTED.

Rating: 4/5 curious clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Akame Ga Kill Episode 6 (9)The action continues in Akame ga Kill and this time Tatsumi is shadowing Leone. Mine and Schere find themselves caught in battle with Seryu, the crazy imperial police girl obsessed with justice and now, revenge on Night Raid because General Ogre, Seryu’s mentor was murdered by the vigilantes. Though Schere’s scissors can literally BISECT ANYTHING, CORO THE CUTE PUPPY DEADLY DOG CAN REGENERATE YO. I’m crazy impressed with Schere in this episode in how she defends against Coro. Mine’s Pumpkin is a pretty intensely power-up Teigu as well because it’s power level increases according to the precariousness of the situation level. While Mine fights the dog, Schere’s gone after Keryu. Seryu actually TRIPS over a rock because she’s wearing heels LOL and ends up losing her arms, only to replace them with a pair of guns. Schere continues to chop off more of Seryu’s arms. What happens when Seryu is pushed into a corner? CORO GOES INTO CRAZYY BERSERKER MODE and grabs Mine. Schere saves Mine but is shot by Seryu. Schere is LITERALLY SEVERED MID-BODY by Coro. Schere executes her secret move again to bide Mine time to run and leave. DAYUM I LOVED SCHERE AS A CHARACTER AND I REALLY HATE HOW EARLY SHE DIES IN THE SERIES. In contrast, Seryu is just SO. MESSED. UP.

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS IN THIS SERIES. Teigue users fight. Death flags go up.

While the pacing leading up to Schere’s death felt decent and acceptable in the manga, it seemed a bit rushed in the anime because they’ve planned out twenty-four episodes but we’ve already lost one of the main characters before even the halfway mark. Akame Ga Kill Episode 6 (23)Everyone is pretty devastated when they hear of what’s happened to Schere. The weight of death finally smacks Tatsumi in the face and Schere’s death drives Main further to take down Seryu. So far, Akame ga Kill has been straightforward with one Night Raid mission to the next. They haven’t deviated from the manga nor have they added any sort of filler to the series. Fans will definitely be pleased and shonen-viewers will definitely enjoy the determined pace of the plot.

– Cloudy

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