Re_Hamatora Episode 6 Review

OMG all the Hamatora guys really do is lounge around trying to think and figure out things but nothing’s getting figured out and no action is really taking place. What is Art planning? How is he related to the Freemum minimum freakies? What’s up with all the side-effects? And can we PLEASE get more Hajime screen time? Murasaki separates from the main group after a slight disagreement with Nice (or something like that).

Rating: 3.5/5 complacent clouds Crop_35 ComplacentCloudst

Re_Hamatora Episode 6 (8)Murasaki really needs to pay Dr. Ratio a visit because the effects of his minimum are much more detrimental on his physique than with the others. Because he’s always had an inferiority complex with Nice, he seems to be a bit emotionally conflicted when it comes to viewing Art and Nice’s friendship. I guess Murasaki’s always wanted Nice to really acknowledge him and even though Nice may have already done so, Murasaki hasn’t gotten over his own insecurities.

Ratio and the others have noticed how minimum abilities are affecting each minimum-user differently but none of it is positive.

Re_Hamatora Episode 6 (10)Art approaches Murasaki, interrupting him from his thoughts. Art invites him into his quarters and they have a pretty dark and loaded dialogue exchange… Too bad none of the audience can really figure out what the heck is going on. Yes, they both have complexes and problems… with Nice but it’s not like Murasaki is going to suddenly go crazy with Art over it. Art says he has no choice but to kill Nice because of their… bond.

Re_Hamatora Episode 6 (15)Wow, Art really knows how to make Murasaki tilt and Murasaki ends up getting filmed while he’s punching the crap out of Art. The video clip is quickly posted online. GEEZUS THIS ALL GOT VIOLENT AND DARK SO QUICKLY. Art says Nice was “never supposed to live in the first place” and killing nice is a means to an end to fulfill some promise. Art continues to be as cryptic as ever and perhaps now he’s showing tendencies of self-harm, like letting Murasaki beat the crap-cakes out of him. Not like Murasaki can kill him anyway.

Re_Hamatora Episode 6 (16)Two reasons come to light as to why Art was unable to activate his minimum. 1) The Minimum central nerve in the brain was not in Art’s brain… and ended up laying elsewhere. 2) Art’s trigger point and central nerve was in the chest instead of the brain which is how Art resurrects each time he’s killed. WOW way to scare the public with this creepy minimum. So basically Art sees himself as some sort of Saviour and everyone thinks he’s GOD because he literally can’t die. So Murasaki basically played right into Art’s hands by giving everyone a good show to show how much the “Saviour” was beat up and then resurrected in all divine grace and such. DAYUM Murasaki, you’re usually so clever and intelligent. How Everyone seems to have become a pawn in Art’s second Hamatora season and Nice isn’t… doing… anything. Murasaki is literally TRANSPORTED back to the Hamatora café in a body bag with his phone. IS HE DEAD?!?!? Is the big looming question. Nice’s reaction to the scene was pretty intense but I’m leaning towards Murasaki being alive because the next episode is titled “Emergency Room 24 Hours” with some hospital shots so hopefully Murasaki has made it out alive. BUT THEN AGAIN, he IS in a body bag.

Once the Hamatora group see the video online, they’ll figure out what Art’s done. As Art’s ability has been fully revealed to the world, I wonder why Art even needs the Freemum bunch of minions by his side. To what end is Art working towards and who did he make that promise to? And it has been SEVEN EPISODES. NICE NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING. Like NOW or Art is just going to end up as the Protagonist AND the Antagonist of the story in which case the second season premise becomes “how Art came back from the dead and took over the world.”

– Cloudy

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One thought on “Re_Hamatora Episode 6 Review

  1. Reading up on all the Re: Hamatora reviews you have written. Very nice like your writing style.

    LoL. Yeah Art seems to enjoy getting the crap-cakes beat out of him. Also he continues to be cryptic as ever. But you know would not mind if Re: Hamatora showed how Art just takes over the show.

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