Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Episode 6 2wei Review

Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

It might be because I’m a sucker for magic girl shows but I really have to say I enjoyed season 1 of Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya a lot more than season 2. For one thing, season 1 had a lot more battle action while season 2 delves into character and world back story. An important thing we find out about this Fate world is that the Holy Grail Wars were never actualized giving the Einzbern family no real reason to continue their grail vessel experiments every generation.

Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Episode 6 (2)What I do love a lot about season 2 is how amazing Miyu has turned out to be. I love her as a character because she is willing to fight and protect her friends till the very end even though it seems like the only thing that drives her character, it’s a feature that we don’t see enough in anime or in real life. A large part of the meaning of Miyu’s existence is sustained by her friendship with Illya. Miyu’s thinking in her fight with Kuro was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Not only does the animation lend perspective to the way a heroic spirit moves in battle, it also shows how incredibly mentally strong Miyu is because even though her every instinct as a human is telling her to flee from attack, she steels herself forward to attack. I really want to see more of Miyu and I’m really tempted to do a Miyu cosplay now omg.

Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Episode 6 (10)Kuro is REALLY stubborn and she’s just so opposite from Illya. Whereas Illya is like an open book, Kuro says she’d rather die than reveal her true intentions. The truth is, she has the same wish as Illya does – to have a family, friends, to live like a normal girl. It’s kind of hard to blame her for being really insecure about herself and her existence since she’s really only a twelve year old girl and she’s already borne so many difficulties, having been sealed away so that Illya could have a normal life.

Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Episode 6 (16)The appearance of Mama Irisviel in this episode definitely throws a bunch of twists and reveals at us. The Kuro stuff is mostly resolved by the end of the episode and Kuro is officially introduced as Chloe and integrated into the Einzbern family. Irisviel has mad skills. Irisviel’s appearance shakes up Kuro’s world in more ways than one in this episode, leaving her pretty emotionally unstable. After all of Rin and Luvia’s efforts to contain Kuro, Irisviel only had to really lift a finger LOL It’s also interesting to see how bravely Illya will stand up in front of Kuro when her mother is threatened. To be honest, even if Irisviel hadn’t appeared, Kuro would have run out of mana sooner or later. Miyu could only hope her mana lasts longer. I wasn’t a huge fan of how Irisviel just sort of STOOD THERE while her girls worked out things and she provided the bare minimum of answer to be honest.

Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Episode 6 (31)I am proud of Illya as a character, to finally come out and speak her mind with Kuro… though it took her like half the show to figure it out… as did Kuro. So Kuro and Illya’s EQs aren’t THAT high. At least Illya is kind-hearted and is willing to accept Kuro into her life, not that she had a choice after all of Kuro’s antics. But still, they worked it out in the end.

Can we please get Kiritsugu in this series? I would like to see him in chibi pretty magic girl animated form but then again, I might not be able to take him seriously.

– Cloudy

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