Glasslip Episode 7 Review

Glasslip Episode 7 (9)

Guys. Things got weird REALLY quickly in Glasslip this week. For one thing, everyone is starting to show somewhat more negative sides of their personality. With absolutely no foreshadowing, we’re given a scene with THREE KAKERUS when he talks to himself in the forest. Weird. I know.

It’s been like seven episodes and Kakeru continues to camp out in his background. His parents are clearly okay with him playing boy scout outside the house.

Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds Crop_3 ComplacentCloudst

Glasslip Episode 7 (4)Touko and Yana actually talk out their issues in this episode BUT IT’S SO NOT AN ACTUAL TALK because they don’t actually resolve anything since there’s a bit of a gap between the two. What we do notice in this episode is that Touko’s visions become more frequent. They seem to get better and then random and then worse even though everything that was ever related to her being psychic was used only to draw her closer to Kakeru. I don’t even know if we can call what Touko and Kakeru “have” between them, a relationship. They’re just two random people with weird abilities who meet up once and a while to talk about nothing. PLUS, when Touko talks to her sister Hina, Touko will randomly remark on how good-looking Yuki is. LIKE REALLY!?!? CMON.

Glasslip Episode 7 (22)Sachi randomly introduces Hiro as her boyfriend LOL right to her mother. SO OUTRIGHT. But literally in the same episode (only a few minutes apart), they run into their first issue. As Touko and Kakeru get closer and closer to one another, Sachi begins to hate Kakeru more and more because people seem to drift apart whenever he’s added into the equation. Sachi goes so far as to invite everyone to the beach even though she couldn’t go, SO THAT they would crash Touko and Kakeru’s date. Hiro is pretty shocked at this because he had initially fallen for a cute, quiet and kind-hearted girl… Now, Sachi just seems like the scheming jealous friend.

Yana on the other hand, hates Kakeru because she claims that since Kakeru appeared, Yuki’s sort of changed. Yuki and Hina almost share a moment when she pedels after him on a bike during his run, just to tell him to stay attractive. LOL Not sure how that should be interpreted but Hina and Yuki would make a cute couple because they’re both the athletic type. It’s just a little bit awks because Yuki doesn’t once stop to actually talk to Hina but stares at her as he runs off. Still, anyone would be thrown off if a girl in a swimsuit on a bike chased after him.

Probably the most interesting part of today’s episode is the somewhat darker vision Touko gets when she sees Yana approaching Kakeru on the beach. Glasslip Episode 7 (27)She’s still pretty hostile towards him and blames Kakeru for all of Yuki’s changes. Touko hears, “You’re a cute couple” spoken by Yana, through her visions and then proceeds to freak out right on the beach there. Glasslip continues to trudge on in an aimless direction. We can only hope that the stuff with the visions will come up more in next week’s episode… and are Touko and Kakeru ACTUALLY a couple? Or are they just not going to confirm that until the second last episode? My Glasslip problems…

– Cloudy

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