Akame Ga Kill Episode 7 Review & Remarks

I feel like Akame Ga Kill is doing a really great anime adaptation of its original story and for this reason, there isn’t much to review or critique because well, battle action shonen usually transfers pretty well onto the screen. I have realized, however, that we lack quite a bit of character developments with Tatsumi and between the other characters.

Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Akame ga Kill Episode 7 (9)Tatsumi is your typical headstrong shonen hero and even though he’s experienced his friends’ deaths, I feel like he hasn’t matured emotionally or mentally. It seems like the violence and corruption around him just motivates him to be a better fighter. He doesn’t reflect or dwell too long on any of the deaths to be honest. His determination somewhat comforts Akame but of all the other Night Raid characters, in terms of battle experience, Tatsumi has the highest possibility of being killed… but since he’s the main character he’s safe. I would really like to see the story told from Akame’s perspective rather than Tatsumi’s narrative because Akame’s back story gives her perspective much more emotional depth and it flushes her as a much more three-dimensional character than Tatsumi as evidenced by her reaction to mentions of Schere’s death in this episode. Perhaps Tatsumi should devote some time to learning some politics and some of the capital’s history before he can really put concrete explanations behind his idealistic “fighting for justice” attitude.

Akame ga Kill Episode 7 (27)Esdese is going uh… man-hunting. If we can put it like that. I suppose that Esdese is a girl and girls do think about romance but being the sadistic b**ch Queen that she is, I can’t see her acknowledging any guy as a proper partner. Well, I can’t really see her respecting someone on an equal level.

And WOW I really underestimated the level of blood and gore in this series.

Tatsumi is quickly brought back under Bracht’s wing and shadows his bro as Night Raid heads into a new mission. What I am enjoying a lot about this series is how innovative the fighting styles are according to each teigu and teigu user. An epic battle between Bracht and the capital teigu users is coming up in the next episode. At the same time, more of Bracht’s back story will be revealed and perhaps we’ll get to see Tatsumi fight. Well, he can try. For all the times he’s challenged a teigu user with nothing but a plain old sword or his bare hands, he’s lucky to make it out alive in each battle.

I’m so excited to see Bracht’s Incrusio in full teigu-battle-action.

– Cloudy

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