Re_Hamatora Episode 7 Review

Rating: 2.5/5 complacent clouds crop_25-complacentcloudst

Re_Hamatora Episode 7 (7)Murasaki is the first to experience the most extreme consequences of using his minimum abilities. He’s suffered heavy blunt force trauma and has even lost chunks of flesh. OHMIGOD… SOMEHOW he’s alive and conscious in the hospital with Ratio watching over him. I really don’t understand why everyone’s minimums are contracting all these problems…

The Freemum guys basically see Art as their god now and they’ve made Art’s saviour image public… but at least Birthday is still maintaining the light-hearted aspects of Hamatora. Bedridden Murasaki is totally cute though. Theo and Rei’s visit also serves to lighten the mood of the story. Though I love how Hamatora doesn’t usually take itself too seriously, I feel like the comedy might be a little bit inappropriate for what’s happened to Murasaki thus far. The gags some off as somewhat facetious considering how quickly they preceded Murasaki’s hospitalization. They should really focus more on flushing out the mystery and supernatural aspects of the story to keep us guessing rather than leave us blindly flailing in the dark for answers.

Re_Hamatora Episode 7 (12)Still, it seems like after everyone’s individual hospital visits, spanning a little more than half the show, Murasaki is back to his usual somewhat grumpy self.

When Ratio is checking up on Murasaki, Ratio asks Murasaki if Hamatora is no more…

AND WHY HAVE THE SUPPORTING CHARACTERS GOTTEN LOST IN THE HOSPITAL!??? Seriously there must be more directions or at least, hospital workers to show them the way out. They end up in the SKETCHIEST unused wing of the hospital and even get separated. The show even breaks the forth wall to do something like a paranormal activity kind of parody with the “shadows” that appear in the dark behind our characters. As if Hamatora wasn’t random enough. The ghosts turn out to be extra minimum-problem patients. The hospital is really filling up these days…

Re_Hamatora Episode 7 (19)Nice only appears in this episode after all the fun and games are over. He brings Murasaki a bento (LOL) They are such a cute pair together. You don’t really realize how much Nice depends on Murasaki until Murasaki is hospitalized. Nice actually asks if Murasaki can be discharged in four days since the eggs in the fridge only have four days till they spoil. You think they’re sharing a cute and warm moment but then not five seconds after they’re sharing a laugh, the hospital bed gag comes back and sends Murasaki a flyin’.

After the end credits, all the random Freemum hospital visits are somewhat addressed. The Freemum bunch end up outside the hospital where Art pulls up in a car. Art claims that he wants to wake up the “sleeping beauty” – of course, he refers to Hajime here because she’s pretty much the only main character left who hasn’t had a direct encounter with Art. Art sends the florist hacker girl, Momoka to approachies Hajme with a bouquet of white poppies, which in the language of flowers, means forgetfulness. Momoka plucks a flower from her hands and offers it to the Hajime saying, “Do you realize that it’s all your fault?”

I would really like to see more of Hajime-chan’s back story. She has a pretty horrified look on her face when Nice is trying to rouse Murasaki. Seriously, WHAT is her back story? Since she barely uses her minimum at all, are the side effects affecting her as well? She was literally mentioned ONCE in the last episode of season 1 when she went into full on rage mode and nothing was hinted to her abilities or minimum in this season. Hopefully the next episode will delve into her character more. I’d like to see how they could possibly to her to Art’s motives and schemes, or perhaps she’s related to the minimum problems. So many things were out of place in this episode and they really could have devoted it more to flushing Murasaki and Nice’s partnership or Murasaki’s own emotional struggles. I guess the next episode will just throw us back into the “main” dark plot of the show.

Hamatora’s second season is not doing well to say the least.

– Cloudy

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