Free! Eternal Summer Episode 8 Review

Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Free! Eternal Summer Episode 8 (16)WOW Makoto is just the cutest swimming instructor ever. He ends up volunteering to help Coach Sasabe at the Iwatobi Swim Club. This week’s episode focused quite a bit on Makoto and his through in a career as a swimming instructor. It all ties in beautifully with the introduction of a new supporting character, Kisumi Shigino.

Free! Eternal Summer Episode 8 (15)Initially I thought it’d be pretty iffy for a show with such a balanced character dynamic, to add a new character in but Kisumi turns into a pretty significant character between Iwatobi and Samezuka. Kisumi ends up talking more to Makoto and we get some important middle school flashbacks because Kisumi’s younger brother, Hayato is in Makoto’s swimming class. Because of an ocean incident, Hayato has a fear of swimming. Makoto ends up being pretty invested in Hayato because Hayato sort of reminds Makoto of his younger self. Hayato is a pretty cute kid and he definitely resembles his older brother.

Man the Makoto swimming instructor montage could not be any cuter.

Free! Eternal Summer Episode 8 (7)Speaking of swim coaches, we also get to see Sousuke in a softer light when it comes to swimming. Sousuke, walking by the pool at night see Ai training on his own to improve his time and to almost everyone’s surprise, Sousuke actually volunteers to help coach Ai through the drills. I guess Sousuke can sympathize with Ai’s desire to swim with Rin because in all the previous episodes, Sousuke didn’t seem that invested in Ai as a teammate because Ai wasn’t as talented as the other boys. It’s nice to know Sousuke is still a nice guy deep down even though he’s trying to figure out a lot of his own issues.

Free! Eternal Summer Episode 8 (19)The Haru X Mako X Kisumi middle school interactions are really adorable. Kisumi is such a forward and outgoing character and most of the time Haru is just exasperated at how bubbly Kisumi is. Initially I thought Haru would talk to Hayato and kind of help Hayato discover his love of water but Makoto’s solution to teach Hayato back-stroke before all other strokes was pretty clever as well. Somehoe it feels like all of Haru’s visits of Makoto at the swim club are things that girlfriends would do (i.e. bringing him lunch and taking care of his siblings) LOL

TWIST REVEAL when Kisumi ends up telling Makoto and Haru about the time he ran into Sousuke at the hospital. SOUSUKE’S SHOULDER OMG. Man makes all the Sousuke fangirls so concerned for him.

Lots of Haru previews after this episode so we can expect a huge Haru spotlight in the next episode. Will there be another Sousuke confrontation? I’m SO CURIOUS.

Cute end card this week too! I really wouldn’t mind seeing a miniseries focused on Haru and Mako and the other characters in their middle school days.

Free! Eternal Summer Episode 8 (39)


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