Glasslip Episode 8 Review

Rating: 2.5/5 complacent clouds crop_25-complacentcloudst

Glasslip Episode 7 Review (1)There is a very distinct feeling with this week’s episode of Glasslip, where things seem to be settling and simmering at a standstill even more than usual. The group is officially unofficially divided in that Sachi and Hiro are having a slight relationship bump, Touko and Yana are divided due to the friction between Kakeru and Yukinari and Sachi and Yana seem to be talking only to touch base on what exactly is happening with their friends.

After Touko’s episode at the beach, she seems to have recovered fairly well and decides to meet up with Kakeru literally on the afternoon of the same day after she lies in bed for a few hours. Not much storytelling going on there. Kakeru and Touko are both convinced that when they meet up, their visions will get stronger. I guess. So they’re keeping that distance. Honestly, I don’t think that reason is strong enough to keep the two separated. Kakeru and Touko are lukewarm at best and platonic at worst.

Glasslip Episode 7 Review (15)

Glasslip Episode 7 Review (7)After Yana visits Sachi at the hospital, she seems to have reached a conclusion of her own with Yukinari. Not sure if it was fan service when they showed her shower scenes… Yana is sort of a wild card in the relationship aspect of the plot right now because she’s caught squarely between Kakeru, Yukinari and Touko. Sachi on the other hand is the most disconnected of the characters, one because of her health condition which keeps her physically removed and two because she’s such a quiet and reserved character.

Glasslip Episode 7 Review (20)Kakeru believes that the two of them should come clean about the visions to the group. Touko’s visions become weirder and weirder and impede her everyday consciousness more and more. I don’t know how I feel about the background violin string score though… but my biggest problem right now is with Touko’s sudden ramped up visions that had no prior buildup. I mean, this girl went from visions of spaghetti and meatballs to visions of winter snow and romantic kisses. Things in Glasslip just happen and happen and happen. Nothing happens between Touko or Kakeru that make us want to empathize with them as a couple or individual characters. They just meet up and separate, meet up and separate. If anything, Yuki and Yana have more drama going on because Yukinari has his own baggage as an athlete and Yana is continuously struggling with her feelings for him. Sachi is always quiet and Hiro went from blatantly obvious to pretty closed off after his little spat with Sachi in the last episode so we can discern nothing from those characters. Sachi and Hiro both also seem completely content in their own little worlds and pay little to no attention or active concern to what’s going on with their friends. All the characters are just so bland. Even people in real life aren’t this bland!

Glasslip Episode 7 Review (8)I’m trying really hard to give Glasslip the benefit of the doubt but their storytelling and pacing is just so… bad. Sometimes in shows like Glasslip where there’s are elements of romance, drama and psychic visions, there are certain clichéd and classic slice of life love elements you kind of expect from the story. I understand that Glasslip is trying really hard to do something different from the norm but whoever wrote Glasslip has strung together snippets of scenes, events and ideas without any coherent theme or driving plot device. After eight episodes, we are STILL IN THE DARK about what KAKERU’S POWERS ARE. Does he even get visions? Or does he hear things? Nothing happening right now makes any sense.

Glasslip Episode 7 Review (19)The opening and ending theme songs do not help because all they really do are show happy go lucky moments of the characters WHICH DO NOT EVEN HAPPEN IN THE SHOW SO LIEK UNRELATABLE MUCH!?!? At this point anything goes with the story because they haven’t aimed towards anything nor have they really accomplished anything except awkward interpersonal tension. Even the initial plot premise of Touko’s desire to be a glass artisan has been shelved aside for episodes and episode of meaningless storytelling. I think I’ve come to a point in Glasslip where I’m ready for things to twist up however they will. I wouldn’t put it past the show to throw a time skip in there because of Touko’s winter snow visions.

– Cloudy

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One thought on “Glasslip Episode 8 Review

  1. Glasslip was falling apart for a while now, but this ep was just… wow no.

    Yeah I’ll just leave my comment at this because I’ll just save my rage for my review.

    Good review, I enjoyed it!

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