Kuroshitsuji Book of Circus Episode 7

Rating: 3.5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

Kuroshitsuji Book of Circus Episode 7 (17)Book of Circus is one of the most interesting arcs in Kuroshitsuji because what starts off as an innocent mission actually turns into a much darker story of obsession and occult that both link to Ciel’s own back story. Not only that but the conclusion of Book of Circus will demonstrate not only Ciel’s hardened ideals and open a window on just how harsh (and dangerous) Victorian England could be.

For all the hype that’s built up around this “Father,” when Joker goes to visit him, he seems like a pretty insane man… nothing like the kind-hearted figure that the members of the circus have described him as. The Father AKA Baron Kelvin also seems to have an insane obsession with Ciel Phantomhive… backstory and details to follow in future episodes.

In episode seven, Ciel is still recovering in bed from his last little mission. After a cleverly worded compliment, he and Sebastian quickly escape from Soma’s constrictive but loving arms to finish up their mission.

Kuroshitsuji Book of Circus Episode 7 (21)Ciel and Sebastian arrive at Kelvin’s mansion where the Joker is already expecting them. The mansion turns out to be an exceedingly creepy house of dolls. Ciel is welcomed into a “dinner and show” which involves a handful of the kidnapped children, who have been turned into lifeless dolls, performing the acts. Probably one of the most interesting characters in the Book of Circus arc is the Joker. Because he bears a sort of unconditional love for Father, he and the rest of the circus members are willing to do anything for him. Even so, you can blatantly see Joker’s discomfort regarding the violent outcomes of the dinner show.

Kuroshitsuji Book of Circus Episode 7 (25)My favourite part of the episode was probably seeing Sebastian show his super swift demon skills again to protect Ciel when CIel decides to… take out the trash. Baron Kelvin’s twisted love takes his hobbies pretty far and he’s actually constructed an entire exhibitionist ritual arena in his basement… the exact same one that Ciel found himself in many years ago when he was first kidnapped. Ciel struggles to remain composure as he takes in the scene, horrid memories coming to mind again. Kelvin even says it’s “exactly as it was three years ago.”

Kuroshitsuji Book of Circus Episode 7 (28)MAN episode seven really leaves us on a cliff-hanger because I REALLY want to see Ciel’s reaction to all this AND I can’t wait for some of the flashbacks and the epic action coming up around the Earl Phantomhive’s mansion (hint hint). I’m also waiting for Ciel’s freak out moment because it will show us just how attached he is to Sebastian and how much Sebastian serves as an anchor to Ciel’s current emotional stability.

Lots of great buildup for next week’s episode. I’m also excited to see more of the grim reapers. Hopefully they will make their appearances when all the deaths start to happen. And yes, there will be deaths. And that’s not a spoiler. What did u expect? Ciel and Sebastian never leave witnesses behind.

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2 thoughts on “Kuroshitsuji Book of Circus Episode 7

    • I think Griel and the other guy probably will come(they did in the manga after all that bloodshed to ‘clean up’ and say a few words)
      btw, i’m an avid Kuroshitsuji fan. (Manga and Anime)

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