Akame Ga Kill Episode 8 Review

Rating: 4.25/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_45 CuriousClouds Transparent

Akame Ga Kill Epiosde 8 (16)I know I’ve been putting off this episode because after reading this part in the manga, it was just so intense and emotional that it leaves you in a void for a while. This episode was a huge turning point for Tatsumi because he ends up with his teigu by the time the battle ends.

When teigu users go up against each other, only one will make it out alive…

Episode eight was arguably the most exciting episode thus far because it presents the longest teigu battle to date and the most action-packed one. Bracht and Tatsumi meet three of Esdese’s Three Beasts and Bracht ends up facing his old mentor, General Liver.

Akame Ga Kill Epiosde 8 (11)Once again Tatsumi’s best ability in battle is probably survival because he STILL hasn’t been fatally injured or killed by a teigu user. His determination is very classic battle-action-shonen-hero-like but it’s not anything new in these battles. Luckily he has improved his speed and reflexes due to his epic training with Akame.

The Incursio teigu is pushed to its limits in this battle and we really get to see how well the studio has done the battle action animation. There’s flying water, a sword fight and an epic power-off by the end. I really hated Bracht’s death because he was one of the most charismatic characters of the show and such a big influence for Tatsumi. It immensely bothers me when supporting characters have to die protecting the protagonist because of how powerless the protagonist is. That being said, I still love Tatsumi’s transformation scene because we get to see a literal physical manifestation of Incursio and the spirit of the original dragon that it was crafted from.

Akame Ga Kill Epiosde 8 (25)

Although it was pretty cool how Incursio evolved to fit Tatsumi, I didn’t think there was much in the physical design and aesthetic of the armour itself to show us that there was something more powerful about Incursio’s new form. Akame Ga Kill Epiosde 8 (29)I realize that this is probably an issue with the mangaka’s original designs but I wish the animators at least added more dynamic metallic colours and plating during the reproduction process. There wasn’t even much of a fight between Tatsumi and the weird blonde boy after Tatsumi transformed. Tatsumi became SUPER OP and I know that it was because the writers wanted to tell the last moments of the battle from Bracht’s perspective who was dying but still, there should have been at least A BIT more of a struggle =.=”

I’m reconsidering my Akame Ga Kill reviews because of how straightforward the show has presented itself. Most of it is just missions, action, regroup and repeat, there isn’t anything in particular to recap unless I meticulously go into the dynamics of the combat choreography. At least now that Tatsumi has acquired a teigu (and witnessed another death), he’ll be even more driven forward to exact revenge on Esdese and the people of the capital.

We did get one of those “NEW CHALLENGER” scenes at the end of the episode where Kurome, Akame’s sister, has been recruited into Esdeses’s forces…

Akame Ga Kill Epiosde 8 (36) Akame Ga Kill Epiosde 8 (38)


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