Ao Haru Ride Episode 8 Review

“Caring for things brings a lot of trouble…”

Ao Haru Ride Episode 8 (1)

Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent

I don’t think I will ever get tired of that Ao Haru Ride opening.

LOL after all of Futaba’s build up and internal struggle, it turns out that Makita doesn’t freak out at all. The entire conversation ends up being completely friendly and pleasant. It’s in moments like these that I REALLY like Io Sakisaka’s storytelling. The characters react much more realistically and less dramatically than in other shoujo manga.

Although both Futaba and Makita are trying to be super civil and friendly to each other about liking the same person. They both can’t help but sympathize with each other and resolve to fall in love fair and square. I love Murao’s confession as well, how she decided to share her feelings regarding Tanaka-sensei. The café ends up being a whole afternoon of bonding time and solidifies the three of them as friends. I also love how Murao’s so chill about the entire thing hahaha, she even says Kou might reject BOTH of them LOL and decides to remain neutral between her friends. MAN THESE GIRLS. THEY’RE SO NICE.

We swap perspectives in the middle of the café scenes where Kominato is walking home and glimpses Murao hanging out with the girls. Kominato is actually really devoted to Murao and I kind of wish the anime had devoted more time to developing his character with more storytelling.

Ao Haru Ride Episode 8 (14)

Futaba runs into Kou playing with the kitty on her way home. Their short conversation once again gives Futaba some insight to how much Kou has changed and how apathetic he has become (or seemingly become). Futaba ends up stalking following Kou through the city. Even after Kou indirectly rescues Futaba from the unwanted attention of his city friends, even after Kou sends her to the train station, Futaba decides to keep following him.

“It’s like I haven’t really gotten closer to Kou at all. I can’t stand it.”

They end up sitting on a hill together, staring at the stars. (I was literally jumping in my seat waiting for this moment cause it’s so dramatic in the manga). When I said that Kou and Futaba live in their own little world, I wasn’t kidding. Because they’re so familiar with each other, they’re just so casual with each other and in Futaba’s case, it makes her really emotional because of how much she loves Kou.

Ao Haru Ride Episode 8 (26)

Ao Haru Ride really does not disappoint each week. As much light high school shoujo scenes there are, it’s all balanced and flushed out by all the emotional depth we get from Futaba’s perspective when she interacts with Kou. So many feels…

And if you guys were wondering what the insert song is, it’s called “I Will” and sung by Chelsy.

Looking forward to more of Ao Haru Ride and I’m gonna be pretty sad when it ends ;_;

– Cloudy

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