Re_Hamatora Episode 8 Review

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Re_Hamatora Episode 8 (9)For those of you, me in included, that had no idea why all the minimum was going bonkers, today we get our answer…which links us full circle back to the last episode of the first season where Hajime had a huge freak out. Hajime’s minimum has been one of the biggest reveals of season 2, if not THE biggest reveal ever.

I have to say, today’s episode was both touching and heartbreaking. Who knew Hajime had such a dark past? As Hajime’s back story is revealed, we also get to see more of the minimum agency that we only ever hear of in passing. Though at first we get the impression that Facultas and the minimum agencys are just tough schools that weed out weak minimum-children, it turns out that the minimum agency has been doing all sorts of illegal experimentation with the kids that are cast aside. Hajime was one such example of children who’s minimum did not manifest itself until under dire emotional and physical circumstances.

Re_Hamatora Episode 8 (18)Hajime’s dispositions towards her captivity and experimentations are not unlike the prisoner mentality we see in historical records of war prisoners and persecuted innnocents. The world of minimum in Hamatora has become such a dark and twisted world that goes deeply beyond the social inequality between miniumum and non-minumum people seen in the first season.

Nice and Hajime’s conversations within the minimum agency is probably my favourite scenes in the entire Hamatora season 1 and 2. Nice is the one who gave Hajime her name. Day after day in the minimum agency, Hajime was looking for an end, for death. The name that Nice gives her, “Hajime,” actually means “Start” and it’s the moment that Nice encounters Hajime that her world begins to change. It’s all because of this back story that Nice is so protective of Hajime even till this day.

Hajime’s Nihilist Minimum is a pretty interesting concept. The minimum that annihilates other minimum is definitely a problem among minimum-holders. Re_Hamatora Episode 8 (27)Koneko and Master seem to be in one where Hajime’s been taken because they send the coordinates to Nice’s phone. Hajime’s minimum is triggered by DESPAIR which makes her character all the more tragic. It initially manifests itself when she witnesses Nice shot while on escape. How cute was Nice’s first impression of Hajime??? <333

Momoka, the flower shop-hacker lady is the one funding the Freemum and Art’s creepy schemes. Her back story and motives remain a mystery still. If only every episode of Hamatora was this loaded. When you pair episode 8 with episode 7, they don’t go together at all. Re_Hamatora Episode 8 (23)In fact, episode 7 seems like it was just a filler episode of comedy that attempted to lighten the mood after Murasaki’s near-death experience. If anything, Hamatora has ended up really inconsistent not only with the choppy transitions that have us jumping around from scene to scene but also because of the lack of relatability between each of the episodes. Episode 8 shows us just how much potential Hamatora has and I’m excited to see more as we near the season finale in a few more episodes…

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One thought on “Re_Hamatora Episode 8 Review

  1. While I do like Hajime a lot since she’s cute. Since Episode 8 feel Re: Hamatora has gotten really weak story development-wise.

    Moving forward I now see some of the flaws. So many reveals just seem all over the place. As in overload. I just hope the finale is truly good and it comes together at last. But we’ll have to see. I really like this series so much and want to see that happen.

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