Glasslip Episode 9 Review

Glasslip Episode 9 (1)

Rating: 3/5 what-the-cloud is going on clouds 3 wtf clouds crop

Why does anyone in Glasslip do anything they do? This is one of the biggest reasons and biggest problems with how Glasslip has unfolded thus far. Did they suddenly intend to push every single character apart from one another? Is the show about breaking friendships and growing up or a weird girl who gets psychic powers?!?

Glasslip Episode 9 (6)I’m concerned for Touko because of how freaked out she seems about the visions but at the same time I don’t really care about Touko because the series hasn’t given me a reason to empathize with her at all. BUT there are two key scenes regarding Kakeru where he FINALLY SAYS SOMETHING USEFUL. He says “I can’t hear any fragments” and confirms my suspicions about his superpower being audio-related.

Kakeru has a pretty distant relationship with his parents in my opinion – that or he isn’t three dimensional enough to even have any sort of emotional conversation with his parents (especially regarding his future). You know what, scratch that. Kakeru has NO PERSONALITY. Nothing in his words or actions give us any insight into what he likes or how he thinks. The Kakeru family scenes were crazy filler and meaningless to the overall plot.

Glasslip Episode 9 (8)Yana decides to start anew, a fresh new self. She seems to be texting Yukinari every once in a while about the weather and such but Yukinari is as unreadable as ever because he always seems to be brooding about… something. Then we see Yana and Hina (Touko’s sister) bonding over clothes. A part of me wonders if Hina should be bonding with her ACTUAL sister rather than her sister’s best friend but Touko is such a horribly useless character. She’s so oblivious to everything around her that is constantly frustrating.

Kakeru and Touko’s exchange near the glass workshop beckons the question, What is the point of the fragments?!?? What does all mean” (Why should we care?) Glasslip Episode 9 (16)All I really want at this point is Yukinari and Yana to get together as a couple because I really think they fit well together and I hope they’ll find happiness with each other. It does suck that they’re step-siblings (again this is not confirmed but implied). Aside from them, Sachi was never a favourite of mine so honestly I think Hiro can do so much better… and well, I have no expectations on Kakeru and Touko to do anything anymore.

Sachi and Hiro and Touko have this weird three person get-together at one of the sightseeing locations around town. Sachi asks her friends if they’ll stay with her in the little observatory place after dark. Geez, some friend you are for excluding Yana. I guess Yukinari was away on a trip but why would you invite all but ONE of your friends?!??

Glasslip Episode 9 (18)Is that ending supposed to leave us on a cliffhanger? Is Sachi going to jump off the building? Pass out? Confess her secret love for Touko? Will Touko get a vision of Sachi dying? WHAT IS WITH THAT ENDING. Melodramatic does not even begin to describe how these characters handle these every day situations.

Glasslip Episode 9 (22)

– Cloudy

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One thought on “Glasslip Episode 9 Review

  1. This episode, (like most of the other episodes) was very disjointed and didn’t seem to have ANY direction.It’s just disappointing that a show that started out so strong has come to this.
    Nice review, completely agree with those thoughts!

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