Out of the Box – Mako Mankanshoku Nendoroid

Hey guys, it’s been a while since I did an Out of the Box feature here on my blog mainly because I’m trying to juggling it all with my channel. Sometimes it’s really easier to film an unboxing rather than take pictures. Today’s feature is an exception though because there are two parts to this unboxing – the blog post and the video. I was ecstatic when preorders opened up for the Mako Nendoroid earlier in the year. I think I ordered Mako around March(-ish) and she didn’t get finalized and shipped out until last week. I expected it to come for my birthday but it ended up being two weeks late haha. So here she is, finally.

Mako Mankanshoku Nendoroid 2014_LittleCloudCuriosity (48)

I really wish I had more time to take Mako out to some parts in my neighborhood to do some scenic photography but I’m on a tight schedule right now trying to cover FanExpo, keep up with reviews, videos and pack for my trip to England next week. (YES I’M FLYING SOON! WHOO). I do have one more little photography shoot I would like to fit in with Mako before I have to go though so you guys can definitely look forward to that.

Mako is probably one of the most emotive and in-your-face figure in my entire collection of figures. She’s also probably one of the most unique Nendoroids that Good Smile Company has ever produced. Like the other Nendos, Mako comes with three extra expressions, changeable arms and legs and three other bonus accessories unique to her character. I definitely foresaw the croquettes being part of Mako’s character accessories but Guts was a great bonus PLUS the added yawn/spit bubble that you can literally attach to Mako’s face, makes for some really hilarious scenes. Mako also comes with two pieces to prop her up – one that allows her to stand normally, and one that lets puts her square in the mid-glomp moment (LOL)

Looking just as the figure of Mako herself, she’s done in a really nice and solid matte paint job (trademark style of Nendos) and her hair is even shaded to give it some depth rather than leaving it a solid bland brown. The gradients never fail to impress me when it comes to Nendoroids. I LOVE the packaging design on the cover, especially Mako’s name printed in translucent red text over the center screen of the Nendo box (definitely reminiscent of Kill La Kill) but despite all this, probably one of my favourite enduring features of the Nendoroid line is the interchangeability of all its figure parts. Here, Mako has decided to bond with Saber… and Saber doesn’t seem QUITE as friendly and welcoming hahaha.

Mako Mankanshoku Nendoroid 2014_LittleCloudCuriosity (31)Mako Mankanshoku Nendoroid 2014_LittleCloudCuriosity (34)Alrighty, so I hope you guys enjoyed this Out of the Box Feature, if you guys are looking for my video unboxing click here. The rest of my photos are all down below and more photos of Mako will hopefully be coming soon. I actually took all these photos with a mirrorless Nikon 1 camera. Not bad, eh?

If you guys are looking for more stuff from me feel free to click around to any of the categories or check out A-Z for a comprehensive list or This Anime Season if you’re looking for something current. Also follow me on Twitter, Facebook or right here on da blog to keep up with what I do. Thank you guys for checking out this post and I will talk to you guys soon (≧∇≦)/

– Cloudy

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