Akame Ga Kill Episode 9 Review

Akame Ga Kill Episode 9 (3)

Rating: 3.5/5 curious clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

Akame Ga Kill Episode 9 (6)So it’s somewhat nice to see Lubbock and Tatsumi take up their training seriously now that Braht’s died. Najenda heads out to recruits some new members while Esdease begins assembling her teigu team. As much as Esdese is hardass bit** most of the time, she still pays her subordinates graves respect and just that small scene gives us a glimpse to the humane side of her behind the mask of the General.

A handful of characters are introduced here, the first being Wave who is… oddly attractive even though he’s supposed to join Esdese’s team against Night Raid. The story swaps to the capital to give the Night Raid guys some time to cool off. Since Wave is such an easy-going character, having the introductions of the other members told from his perspective sheds some comedy on the situation haha. There’s the masked man, Bols. Kurome-chan and her candy. Seryu and her cute little teigu dog as well as well as Doctor Stylish and Run. Wave might be… the most normal of the bunch but are ANY teigu users normal?

Esdese arrives and tests her new subordinates right away but naturally she takes them down. Kurome is probably the quickest to strike against Esdese and land any sort of hit though. After the fun introductions, the team is named the Jaegers (aka the Hunters, thank you Shingeki no Kyojin).

Akame Ga Kill Episode 9 (22)LOL Much like Night Raid, the Jaegers are bonding through uh… cooking and dinner.

I really have no idea why Esdese is so obsessed with falling in love right now. To be honest, it seems like an inconsistency in her character and only serves to raise some waifu fan service. For all her talk aobut the strong emerging the weak, I’m surprised she doesn’t see “love” as something that can potentially be used against her. Some of her requirements for a “lover” are somewhat… strange. Still, she’s got a lot of badass packed behind her character because she’s supposed to be the main antagonist. Instead of parting the seas… she just FREEZES everything.

Akame Ga Kill Episode 9 (30)Tatsumi will end up at Esdese’s martial arts tournament and well… they meet of course. It’s nice to see Tatsumi much calmer in battle but the sudden switch is just a little bit shocking. Esdese, FOR ONE REASON OR ANOTHER, has totally falls for Tatsumi AND PUTS A COLLAR ON HIM TO TAKE HIM HOME LOL LIKE A PUPPY. Iunno, I’m not a big fan of Esdese. One moment she’s stepping on her foes, the next she’s a sparkly schoolgirl in love. Still, I guess I’m looking forward to next week’s episode just to see the Jaegers in action. Akame Ga Kill is turning out to be a very central shonen genre anime with all the action, stubborn protagonists and antics to go with it.

– Cloudy

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