Ao Haru Ride Episode 9 Review

Rating: 3/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_3 CloudsExcited Transparent

Ao Haru Ride Episode 9 (5) AFutaba is now investing a lot of time to get Kou involved with friends so he’ll make memories and form bonds with others. Murao on the other hand is keeping a quiet eye on her beloved Tanaka-sensei. Kou ends up getting in trouble cause of a quiet-not-so-quiet conversation in class.

As sweet as Makita is, I think it’s almost impossible for her to catch up with Kou. Kou and Futaba have so much history together it’s just too weird that they’re not ALREADY DATING. Kou will even notice some of the smallest details of Futaba – like the fact that she’s wearing makeup. He ends up telling her that makeup doesn’t suit her… somewhat implying that he likes her usual face more? Maybe? It’s pretty hard to read Kou most of the time.

When a bunch of advanced class students come to poke fun at Kou for dropping out of advanced for standard classes, they end up ragging on Kou for nepotism with his brother as the teacher. Kominato gets pretty protective over his friend here and you don’t usually see the easygoing guy worked up as often cause he doesn’t get as many scenes. After Kou’s midterm grades become pretty much the talk of the group, Makita asks Futaba if they can help Kou with his studies and this actually ends up becoming the big first bonding activity at his house.

LOL Kou is really not a people person. Well, I guess everyone is helping Kou for their own personal reasons… but it amuses me that Kou decides to actually get up and sit near the study table for the sake of separating Kominato and Futaba who are getting a bit too close with homework haha. Ao Haru Ride Episode 9 B (5)I feel like Kou and Futaba should perhaps get a room and study on their home… It’s so awkward for Makita here and the story takes the study scenes as an opportunity to present Makita’s perspective within the love triangle. As Makita sees Kou and Futaba interact more and more, she gets pretty discomforted by the whole situation.

Episode 9 leaves off on somewhat of a cliffhanger (like many of the other series this season actually), and we don’t actually know what transpired between Kou and Makita because the shot cleverly switches to Futaba who ends up catching her friends caught in an awkward silence. Makes us all super eager to see episode 10 haha.

– Cloudy

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