Cloudy Says…

Hey guys, how are you all? If you’re headed back to school, I hope your back to school is going well. If you’re headed back to work after the long weekend, I hope that’s all going well too. I wanted to drop in for a quick September update…

As well as everything that’s going on with my travel, I will be uploading three FanExpo Canada photography posts throughout the week as I try to keep up with all the regular reviews. If you’re looking for any of the current seasonal recaps/reviews, check out the “Latest News” tab at the very top of the blog or drop in on my channel for fun rants and other otaku-related vlogs. My Fall anime season favourites and picks will also be up as soon as I get settled in. If things are pushed back a bit late, I apologize for the delay beforehand. I really appreciate all your support with my blog and channel <333

Love Logo_Text_Cropped– Cloudy

What are you pondering today?


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